Four -Week Individualized Puppy Preschool

Our four week puppy preschool program is our most advanced package, and is tailored specifically for YOUR puppy! It includes everything that our two-week puppy preschool program does, but is more customized and more advanced, to get your puppy cruising down the road to success! We love this program because it's so individualized. Do you have small children that you want the puppy to love on and be gentle with? Then we will be sure to get your puppy around lots of kids! Do you live in an apartment where there are a lot of stairs? Then we'll practice stairs with your puppy! Do you want your puppy to travel with you across the country in an RV? Your puppy will be traveling with us most everywhere we go, then!


Not only can you expect your new family member to come home well adjusted to your specific lifestyle, you can also expect them to understand the world around them much more than puppies who have graduated from our two-week program, or go home at the age of 8 weeks. Below, you will find the costs and benefits associated with our four week individualized training program. 

6-Week Intensive Puppy Preschool



$2,200 per 2 weeks

($2,376 via paypal, includes fees)

$80/Day Additional Days

Balance due for training at puppy's 6 Week Birthday!

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Advanced Potty Training

At the age of 4 weeks, all of our puppies begin their potty training. For safety reasons, we train the puppies to pine litter versus having them go outdoors, where they can be exposed to various diseases. Our advanced potty training will train your puppy do it's business outside. We keep puppies on a regimented potty schedule, and keep a close watch on them when they are playing indoors or out and encourage and reward them when relieve themselves where we want them to. If you have a specific schedule that you will be able to take them out, we will do our best to customize their training to that schedule. Often times, puppies are fully potty trained at the age of 4 weeks, but we do not guarantee your puppy will be 100% accident free. Puppies will need an adjustment period to a new home, and new parents must remember that puppies can only hold their bowels for so long.


Advanced Crate Training

Crate training is essential to your puppy's wellbeing. It gives them a place that is 'their own' where they can go if they are tired or scared.  it's not 'puppy jail' as many people think. However, it doesn't always feel like it's the safe haven that it's meant to be in the beginning, when your puppy is barking and crying throughout the night only wanting out. This is very normal for puppies to do, but not fun for us to experience! Our advaced crate training course will give your puppy its own individual crate to sleep in at night and during the day for nap and meal times, or any time they cannot be watched closely. The puppy will sleep in a crate at night and we will take it out and comfort it when necessary. It will sleep in our bedroom or living room, just as it would in its new home. Puppies almost always can sleep through the night by the time they go home at 4 weeks, but we do not guarantee that every puppy sleeps a full 8 hours every night. Again, puppies can only hold their bladders for so long. After Four weeks, the crying and rebellion to the crate should shift to williness to enter their crate.


Individualized Socialization

We strongly believe that socialization is the key to making a good puppy into a great dog. Our four-week training package includes advanced, individualized socialization in the very dog-friendly city of Charleston, SC. Your puppy will go on a number of individual outings to restaurants, stores, festivals and more where it will meet a variety of people and situations. With our individualized program, we will have you fill out a form that will take an inventory of what you need from your dog specifically. We will ensure that your puppy forms  positive association with these things so that it will be a more well-adjusted puppy to your specific lifestyle. . This is something new owners will need to continue after the puppy goes home and throughout the puppy's life.


More Time With Mom
this is one of the biggest perks of our training program. Puppies who stay with their moms longer are proven to be better adjusted. A puppy's mother (or one of the other moms we have here!) can teach it so many things about the world from a dog's perspective than any human can. They essentially show them 'how to be a dog' and how to adjust to the world around them. Their mothers, along with their littermates, teach the puppy bite inhibition, or when they are biting too hard...which comes in handy when teething time comes around!


Knowledge Of Foundation

Nobody knows our puppies better than we do! We sit in the whelping rooms with all of our dogs as they are having their puppies, and help deliver them. We are the first ones see and touch them, the  ones to give them their first meal, and are solely responsible for their health for the first couple of months of their lives. We watch their ears and eyes open, and their personalities emerge. We know their parents and their quirks, and have them living in the house with us. Other training programs cannot offer the personalized knowledge of your puppy that we can. 


Pack Order

A dog knowing its place in the pack is essential to it's development. All dogs are either an Alpha dog, a Beta Dog, or an Omega dog. We see them start jockeying for position just hours after they are born as they compete for the most milk from their mothers. We again have the knowledge of their foundation and development, but when we are able to keep them longer, it's easier for us to deduce if the puppy is a true alpha, beta, or omega dog.  At our facility, we have a well-adjusted pack of dogs, and the puppies will get to experience and interact with them on a daily basis. Of course, most people only have one or two dogs, but the puppy understanding where they belong in the pack will make them easier to train, and easier for you as their owner to understand their tendencies. 


Puppy Healthcare

While staying with us an extra two weeks, your puppy will continue to receive the best of care. Each day, it will be provided with high-quality puppy food, a NuVet Vitamin, and any additional vaccines or preventative medications that may been needed. Veterinary care will be provided as needed, though we do require that you activate a trupanion puppy insurance certificate prior to the beginning of your puppy's training. 



"Favorites & Essentials" Starter Pack

Along with our Four-week Individualized program, we are including our "favorites & Essentials" starter pack, which are the best tools for tools for training success! You will get a starter size wire crate with divider, a 4-Pack of our favorite training treats to continue your puppy's training success, your choice of color in a snuggle puppy, which is a stuffed puppy that has a heat and heartbeat pack that is designed to feel like your puppy's littermates. You will also receive one toy specifically bought for your puppy. For example, if your puppy loves to think, we will provide it with a 'thinking' toy. Love to fetch? You'll get our favorite rubber ball. Eats too fast? Slow-feeder bowl for you! All these things come in addition to your puppy's regular go-home packet, which includes health records and other useful tips for puppy ownership.



  • Payment for this training package is due at the time of picking, your puppy's 6 week birthday 

    Please provide 3 puppy toys or items from your home for your puppy to bond with during it's training. Having an item with smell of your home on it while it's being trained will help your puppy to adjust when it joins your family's home.

  •  Puppies must remain with us for the full four weeks. additional days may be added for $80 Per extra day. This will continue their daily training. to avoid this fee, please make plans to pick up your puppy by it's 12 week birthday.

  • Deliveries may be accommodated for an additional mileage-based fee, depending on availability. 

  • Prior to your puppy's Training start date (8 Weeks Old) please download and activate our Free 30-Day Trail Of Trupanion Pet Insurance. Please notify us when this has been completed. 

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