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When training space is available, we select a few "standout" puppies in our litters to enroll in our highly sought-after puppy preschool program! These puppies are selected for their temperaments and trainability, which can be found on their profiles here on this page! If you're looking for the perfect puppy for your family, check out the puppies listed here!


If one stands out to you, then feel free to complete an application and we will decide together if it's a match for your family! Pricing varies per amount of training the puppy has and can be trained for as little as 4 weeks or as much as 20 weeks. Training is customizable if adopted early enough!

Review the inclusions of each program below:

4-Week Beginner Course

8-Week Intermediate Course 

12-Week Advanced Course 

16-Week Extra Advanced Course

20-Week Pre-Service/Pre-Therapy Course


Meet Milo! 

Read below to get to know him

Parents: Pepper + Calvin

Breed: Golden Mountain Doodle (what is that?) 

Size: Medium (estimated maturity 30-40lbs)

Coat: Wavy; non-shedding (ideal for allergy sufferers)


Personality Synopsis:

The JLDD team picked Milo out of his litter for his exceptional demeanor and calm temperament to enter into our preschool program! During all of his testing, he showed that he was excited, curious, relaxed, and quiet!

Milo is 71% praise motivated, which makes him very responsive and easy to train in a variety of circumstances and makes his training skills easy to convert to his forever family. He is comfortable in new situations and explores with a balanced confidence that is neither too over-eager or too cautious. He pays attention to his surroundings and takes it all in with ease. 

With kids, Milo showed that he LOVED kids with snuggly energy that both wanted to play, but also loved a little cuddle time.


He also was great with adult dogs who were already established in a household. He was able to respect their boundaries easily, and did not give any sign of wanting to challenge them. He would be a good companion dog, but would also really thrive as an individual dog for a family, couple, or single person. 

Milo is generally relaxed so he doesn’t immediately take notice of something new or unusual unless it presents itself in a very noticeable way. He is comfortable with his body and isn’t sensitive to changes in texture or pressure. He’s typically very relaxed with all handling and activities but he is smart enough to detect when he should be cautious when there is a ledge or shaky surface. He doesn’t panic. He slows down and assesses and then decides what to do. Milo tends to be one of the lower energy puppies in his litter and doesn’t push back against much but he does show excitement when there is something new to explore.


This has helped him be patient and accepting of his crate time and he doesn’t bother pushing his way to the front. He’d rather wait his turn. He’s very cuddly and praise motivated but he also seems a bit independent. He loved seeing outside for the first time and it really captured his attention so much that he didn’t show any necessity to seek comfort in the adult dog during big dog testing. Milo just wanted to look around and do his own this after he determined it was safe. He’d be an especially good fit for someone who wants a well-mannered companion with the confidence to do his own thing when the time comes. He will get along with other dogs but he doesn't show any particular interest in them.  



October 14, 2022



Available November 11th

All-Inclusive Price:  $10,500


Available December 9th

All-Inclusive Price:  $15,500


Available January 6th

All-Inclusive Price: $19,500


Available February 3rd

All-Inclusive Price: $23,500

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