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Top 3 Benefits of Puppy Matchmaking

There are a million reasons why you should consider using our JLDD Exclusive Puppy Matchmaking Service, but let’s go over the Top 3 Reasons!

Need Versus Want

Every dog, just like its human counterparts, has personalities and necessities. You might want a Great Dane, but only have the space for a Chihuahua. With our matchmaking service, we will walk you through each step of the process to align expectations and reality.

Since each puppy will have a different set of needs than its brothers and sisters, making sure that those needs are met by their future family is our top priority.

We want to make sure that YOUR emotional and physical requirements are met as well. For example, we wouldn’t want someone who is differently-abled to be tackled by an exuberant, though loving, pup as soon as they get home.

We take the time to ensure that each family’s needs are understood so that they bring home the puppy who matches their lifestyle and activity levels.. Dogs are, after all, a human’s best friend.

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Taking Out the Guesswork

There are always questions when setting out to home a dog. What do they eat? How much will they cost? Will they always require this much exercise?

Anytime you’re making an important decision, you should seek out the help of an expert. Through our matchmaking service, you can benefit from our vast knowledge base and ask as many questions as you need to so that the best dog is sent home with you and your family.

While the internet has a deep and vast scope of information that the world has never seen up until this point, it still lacks empathy and understanding of the human brain and heart to answer all of the questions that you have and specifically in the way that you need them answered.

The JLDD team provides the personal touch that is so important for making this important decision. . Speaking of personal touch…

Personalized Matching Services

A proper matchmaker will get to know both parties before making any sort of recommendation as to their future together. It’s hard to talk about personalized service without talking about our business.

At JLDD, our team spends time with each of our puppies to get to know them better. Every quirk, characteristic, and eccentricity is noted. The the process begins with a handful of questions about you and your lifestyle. Using all of this we’ll be able to match you with the perfect puppy.

In the end, the last two could easily have been combined into our third bullet point as they are all threads in the colorful tapestry of what makes a great matchmaker.

We’ve also got a secret to tell you. While these are our top 3 reasons today, we’re incredibly passionate about our business and could share many other reasons why we believe our Puppy Matchmaking System is so important.

That being said… We take matchmaking seriously! (If you couldn’t tell that already.) From the first moment that you explore our website, to the leap into the application process, to the phone interview, to the day that you get to hug your puppy for the first time - each and every step has been carefully engineered to provide the greatest result for everyone to live their happily ever after.

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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