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Top 5 Wintertime Tips for Your Dog

To keep warm, we humans have the ability to grab a blanket, jacket or another human being. But how do we look after our canine companions when the Cold Miser comes knock knocking on their doggie door?

Snuggle up and get ready to review the top five things you can do during the winter months to take care of your best friend!

1. Keep Them Properly Groomed

In order to take good care of your dog in the winter, grooming is crucial. We need to protect our pets from the chilly weather and snow.

The health of your dog depends on a proper hair cut. Their coat may become dry, brittle, and challenging to maintain without the right care. Breakage will result from this, which might be uncomfortable for your dog.

Wintertime calls for increased vigilance on the part of dog owners. The hair of your dog might suffer greatly from the chilly and snowy weather. The following advice can help keep your dog looking wonderful:

  • Brush your dog once a week, more frequently if they have a thick coat.

  • Bathe them as required to remove dirt and debris.

  • Trim their nails once a month or so using clippers.

  • Keep their ears spotless by cleaning them out with a moist cloth.

  • Look for any symptoms of damage, such as cuts, scrapes, or sores.

Dog grooming is an excellent method to keep your pet clean, happy, and healthy—especially if they spend the whole year in or near snow. Additionally, it will aid in keeping them warm throughout the winter.

2. Keep Their Food and Water Refreshed

In the winter, pets who spend a lot of time outside require additional food since keeping warm requires energy from their body. Make sure the water in your pet's bowl is clean and free of ice by checking it frequently. Use plastic for your pet's food and water dishes since metal can cause their tongue to freeze and stick to the bowl when it gets too cold.

A dog fountain makes sure that your dog has a steady supply of clean, fresh water while also retaining your dog's attention. It's crucial to make sure your dog has enough water for a full day when no one is home.

Your dog can become distracted by the sound of rushing water in a fountain, so keep a regular dish of water outdoors as well.

3. Keep Them Healthy Outside

Keeping your dog healthy when outside is not as easy as it may seem. You need to be aware of the dangers that exist and take the necessary precautions to ensure your pup is safe and sound.

You mustn’t let your pup out in the cold without a coat or sweater on! Even if they're not shivering and seem fine, this could cause long-term health problems. You should also take them out as often as possible so they're getting enough exercise and not feeling stressed.

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The best way to keep your dog healthy during the winter time is by taking them on walks, giving them fresh water, and providing shelter from the elements.

Another thing you should do is make sure their paws are dry after they have been outside for a walk or been playing in the snow. If possible, give them a warm bath when they return from the cold to warm them up quicker, making sure to dry them well afterward, especially their feet.

Technology can help here as well. For dogs who want additional warmth but don't fit in conventional coats, a thermal dog harness is ideal. They're also great for staying warm without needing to wear heavy gear all the time. The fact that thermal harnesses are inexpensive is a further advantage.

4. Keep Your Dog Occupied Indoors During the Winter

There are many activities you can do with your dog even if you are both confined indoors. Whatever the reason, dogs still need to be exercised, therefore parents must think outside the box to prevent themselves and their puppies from going crazy.

Using pet-safe toys is one of the simplest and best methods to occupy your dog at home. To keep your puppy interested, it's crucial to incorporate new activities as often as possible into the schedule and even swap out ones that are already there. Try giving toys to your dog if you discover that it gets bored easily.

Before making any significant nutritional adjustments for your dog, remember that every treat adds calories to its daily routine.

Dogs can easily and conveniently find warmth from a thick dog blanket. Your dog may snuggle up or burrow in for warmth by adding more blankets to the bed. In order to prevent dirt and dander accumulation over the winter, be sure to wash your dog's blanket frequently. Dust mites and pet dander can contribute to allergies, which are more prevalent in the winter.

Our pets like creating nests just as much as humans enjoy curling up with a nice book and a cozy blanket when it's cold outdoors. With a plush bed, some blankets, and some of Fido’s favorite toys, you can make your dog's room comfortable. All winter long, this will be their favorite space to unwind and remain toasty.

5. Keep Them Warm and Comfortable

We’ve saved what we feel is the most obvious for last.

Your house should be heated to a comfortable level. While summer temperatures inside are slightly elevated, generally between 72-75, the ideal indoor winter temperature should be between 67 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is generally what you're used to.

There will typically be a 30-degree difference between inside and outside. But, regardless of the exact climate, it’s essential to make sure your dog has access to lots of fresh water at all times, inside and out.

Even if the majority of dogs have their own coats, he or she may still need extra protection; you wouldn’t go out in the snow wearing a spring jacket, so why would you let them? Protect your pooch. Make sure that short-haired dogs have the proper winter attire, including a hardy coat and a fitting sweater (even huge breeds like greyhounds).

Need more tips on how to keep your dog calm and cozy? The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a few more ideas on how to handle these occasional arctic blasts.

During these longer, colder nights, we hope that you’ll take care of your puppy just like you would your own child. Keep them warm, calm and safe from the nip of the winter wind. You deserve an escape from Jack Frost. The same reprieve should be granted to your four-legged friends.

Need a first, second, or fifth puppy pal to snuggle with during the cold, winter chill? Let us help you find your next adopted angel. JLDD is ready to serve you!

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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