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Top 8 Best Pets To Adopt & Some Outside the Box Choices

There are somewhere between 5 to 10 million animal species on planet Earth. Only 2 million have been identified. There’s no limit to the possibilities of what you can call a pet. But, which are the best pets to adopt for your living situation and schedule?

Why don’t we review a handful that you could bring home today and start sharing your life with? We'll begin with some common pets, then move into fauna that you might have not considered.

best pets to adopt

8. Guinea pig

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets since they are simple to care for, good with children, and live longer than most rodents. Nevertheless, as we just indicated, they are still rodents. That might turn some people off, even kids.

Because they are sociable creatures, guinea pigs thrive when they are in the company of another pig. Even for someone dedicated to spending a lot of time with their pet each day, keeping an isolated guinea pig from being bored and lonely is a difficult task.

Another topic of concern is the availability of a dedicated guinea pig room. They need a lot of floor space to run about and play as they can't live in lofty cages because they can't climb. They may require more room, so the more you have, the better.

Additionally, you will need to regularly maintain and groom their toenails.

7. Rabbit

Need a pet with as distinct a personality? Look no further than a rabbit.

Hares are relatively low maintenance and affordable. A rabbit is an ideal pet for a busy household that might not have enough time to walk a dog every day. A pet rabbit grows more tamed and brighter the longer you possess it.

For city dwellers, rabbits are wonderful pets. When you're not home, they are content to spend the day in big cages or puppy pens; they enjoy coming out to play in rabbit-proofed spaces when you get home.

Rabbits are beneficial to your health in both physical and mental ways. Rabbits fit quite well with a vegetarian or vegan diet since they are herbivores. In general, though, owning a pet that motivates you to fill your fridge with fruits and veggies is advantageous to both vegetarians and meat-eaters.

Both adults and children may get great comfort and happiness from having a pet rabbit during stressful times.

A rabbit requires regular care since it may chew the carpet, walls, and other household items. They are cute, but they may require just as much maintenance as a cat or a dog. So don't go grab one just because you think they're cute.

6. Hedgehog

Consider getting a hedgehog as a pet if you want something quiet, cute, and entertaining.

Hedgehogs can be content without a lot of human connection. Their nutrition consists primarily of insects, and they require little maintenance. Hedgehogs benefit from the inclusion of fruits, veggies and cat or dog food in their diet. Additionally, they don't require much grooming.

They may, however, be more engaged at night when you're winding down after a long day because they are nocturnal.

If you want more than one hedgehog, you'll need different cages because they must live as solitary pets in their enclosures. They can also spread illnesses such as salmonella and ringworm to people. Being threatened or being picked up makes hedgehogs a little uneasy, and they will curl up into a ball. For some genuine bonding time, a handled, domesticated hedgehog will unroll quite rapidly and lower its quills.

5. Parrot

Some people get lonely. And that’s okay. Those people may need something they can talk to. Enter the parrot. Due to their nature, parrots genuinely value the company of people or other birds. Additionally, you must allow your pet an opportunity to interact with you every day. You should expect some lengthy, raucous chats as these birds primarily communicate through vocalization.

They are arguably the most widespread, somewhat "exotic" pets you can find; in fact, they are so abundant that they are frequently not even recognized as non-domesticated animals. But because parrots are essentially wild, yet domesticated, pets, their owners confront the same difficulties as those of less common exotic pet owners who are unfairly labeled.

Some parrots do have extremely long lifespans. Make sure that you’re in it for the long haul!

4. Pig

Social and intelligent, the pig could be the perfect portly pet for you. They make friends with humans and other animals alike. It might seem counterintuitive, but they’re very affectionate as well which will give you a lot of time to share everything with them during their extended lifespans.

There are lots of pigs available since many individuals who had the finest of intentions eventually ditched their animals. Think about adopting a pig from a refuge or rescue organization. If they are fully grown, you will be able to judge their size, their disposition, and any medical conditions they may have.

Little known fact: Pigs, like humans, are susceptible to motion sickness and may become nauseous in a moving vehicle. Do you have a vehicle big enough to safely transport your pig, keeping in mind that said transport might get dirty during the trip?

3. Donkey

Yes, space will be an issue, but a donkey is definitely a viable pet just begging to be adopted.

Donkeys are sturdy, hardy creatures that make excellent companions. They are often highly obedient, warm, and affectionate. This benefit is considerably greater for a farm family with children. If your kids begin riding on donkeys, they may catch the horse-riding bug at a young age.

Donkeys are among the less expensive agricultural animals to acquire and maintain. In contrast to their horse counterparts, they eat quite simply and are often content to graze on hay. Another benefit that donkeys have over other farmyard critters is that they require less upkeep. They will take care of themselves if you simply leave them in the pasture.

2. Dragonfly

Not everyone would want to adopt dragonflies as pets. Only a very few would have the patience to keep one. While they are wonderful, they aren’t the easiest to care for.

Even though they only grow up to about 4 inches, they take up space. For this flitting friend, you’ll need about a 10-gallon tank filled with water for them to rest in when they’re not buzzing around the house.

Have an insect issue? If you're a gnat, mosquito, or other tiny pest, dragonflies are downright scary. They carefully plan aerial ambushes to capture their prey rather than just chase it down.

1. Doodle Dogs - Our Top Rated Best Pet to Own

We just did a bait and switch. We put our Doodle dogs at the end. They’re a beautiful capper to a wonderful list. We love them all. From Goldendoodles to Bernedoodles to Sheepadoodles…

They’re all fantastic with kids and they’re great for anyone with allergies. They can vary in size and attitude. There's no limit to the amount of unconditional love you should prepare yourself for.

Have a question about our pups? Reach out and we'll help you. Maybe you’re ready to start the process of bringing a Doodle home today. We can help with that, too. Wherever you are in your journey, as far as Doodles go, we’ll be your one-stop shop.

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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