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Due to popular demand from our clients nationwide, our new pre-service and therapy training program is geared to meet the needs of families or individuals who have a specific need for a puppy who will be "working class" in terms of therapy or service. This program is highly customized to the needs of the individual, and focuses highly on intensive socialization during the first 6 months of your of your puppy's life. 


The pre-service and therapy program is specifically designed for:

  • People serious about their puppy becoming a therapy or service dog

  • Those who have a real need for a dog to assist them in their everyday life as a service dog

  • Psychiatrists, Doctors, Therapists, and more who have patients who could benefit from the comfort of an 'office dog' who is not easily phased by various stimuli

  • Families with individuals who have special needs related to anxiety, depression, mental illness, and more

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    First, read over this page in its entirety so you are fully aware of the inclusions of this program. Then, you may apply for your service or therapy dog HERE. We will warn you that this is a big of a lengthy application, as we have a lot of questions! Be ready to commit at least 20-30 minutes to this application. We also ask that you are candid in your responses to the questions we are asking so that we can fully understand your needs when it comes to adopting a new puppy. We ensure that your privacy will be kept protected. 

    After you apply, you'll be re-directed to a page that will allow you to book a phone consultation with one of our puppy professionals! During this call, we will go over your application in detail, ensuring that we are on the same page about each detail of the puppy that you need, from breed, to gender, to size, color, and most importantly...personality! 

    This is a very important part of our process for every family who adopts a JennaLee puppy, but it will be of paramount importance to those who are looking for a puppy who will be a working dog. During your initial adoption interview, our team will work alongside you to understand the specific needs that your family has in terms of therapeutic or service capabilities.

    When your puppy is 7 weeks old, you will receive a personalized video for your family introducing you to the puppy whom we have selected as best for your family based on your needs and the puppy's testing over the last 7 weeks. We put extra care into these matches, and do not take them lightly.

    We urge clients who are looking for a working dog to be less particular about coat color, which will give us more freedom to select the puppy with the personality suited to its "job" best.  If allergies are a concern for your family, this will be taken into the highest consideration as well when selecting a coat texture. 


    Every week, you'll get a report card outlining your puppy's individual progress while with their trainer. Along with their pre-service or therapy training, they will also undergo our regular obedience training. Each week, your puppy's report card will give you an update on their progress, as well as updated weights, photos, and videos so that you can watch your baby grow while in training! You will also receive updates about what they've done in terms of progress with their individual focuses for the therapy or service program. 

    Bonding is incredibly important for puppies who will be doing therapy and service programs. During your puppy's stay during our pre service or therapy training, we will ask that you mail us a few items of clothing that you have worn regularly, that smells like you. That's right...the smellier, the better! So wear a shirt you don't mind getting rid of during your next workout, and mail it to us. Your trainer will use it i your puppy's kennel or during their training. Because dogs are so strongly scent-oriented, this will make them more comfortable with you and able to bond more quickly with you when they do arrive home.

    Additionally, because bonding is so important for these puppies, you will be invited to come and visit with them and spend the day with them during their stay in training! Our beautiful city of Charleston, SC is temperate year-round and is incredibly dog friendly. You and your puppy will have a great time bonding, and you'll be able to spend time getting to know their commands alongside your puppy's trainer. 

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