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It's common knowledge that the first few weeks of puppy ownership aren't for the faint of heart!

Our Level 1 Puppy Preschool Program covers everything your puppy should learn in the weeks of having your new puppy at home. Our main focus is to eliminate the worst of your puppy's potty and crate training. We also take the puppy out to do some socialization, which helps your puppy form positive associations with the world around them. Obedience cues are introduced using positive methods to teach your puppy to love training and listening to you! Below you find a synopsis of each thing included with our Level 1 Puppy Preschool Program and what you can expect. 

Training is based on availability of trainers and can be added on at the time of litter commitment! 




** cost added on to cost of puppy**




  • After we have matched you with the perfect puppy for you, if you have already purchased training for your puppy, we will go over any questions you may have and then assign your puppy a trainer based on availability

  • Price of training is added to the cost of your puppy. Balances for both your puppy and the full amount of training are due at puppy's seven week birthday. Additional days/weeks/months can be added on for the rate listed above.

  • Your puppy will graduate Puppy Culture and enroll formal training at 8 weeks of age, and complete training at 12 weeks, or 3 months old.

  • Puppy will be living with one of our JLDD Puppy Trainers 24/7 for 4 weeks.

  • After Puppy Preschool is complete, you receive instruction from your puppy's trainer explaining your puppy's schedule, nuances, routines, and will help assist you with how to best transition your puppy into your household.

  • Please expect some transition issues with your puppy in the first few weeks as they are still a baby. You will be asked to schedule a zoom session with our head trainer prior to your puppy's arrival home. This session is meant to assist you as your puppy assimilates into its new life with you!

  • We understand that training never really ends with a puppy! They will need practice and reinforcement until at least 1 to 2 years of age. 

  • If your puppy is has not met our expectations by the time their graduation date arrives, they will be kept in preschool free of charge until they have satisfied the expectation.




  • Sleeping through the night in their crate for a minimum of 6 hours

  • Potty Training 4 or less accidents their final week

  • Comfortable with leash and harness

  • Comfortable with handling and grooming

  • Comfortable on car rides



  • Stair training

  • Know "off" command - lessens jumping of furniture

  • Recognized a "positive interrupter" to disengage the puppy from undesirable behaviors.

  • Leash walking - Puppy will calmly allow leash and harness to be put on. 30 minute walks and "heel" are introduced.

  • Cues (the following cues will be introduce and performed in a low distraction environment)

    • Sit- Puppy understands hand signal and verbal cue.

    • Down- Puppy understands hand signal (1 inch from floor) and is learning verbal cue. Lure may be used

    • Name- Puppy knows and responds to his name.

    • Positive Interrupter- Puppy responds quickly to sound and redirection.

    • Heel- Puppy understands lure to left side and walking with a person, but will still need work on this skill. 

    • Kennel- Puppy walks into his kennel on cue without physical aid. Can still lure with a treat if needed.

    • Leave it- Puppy is starting to understand to move away from food or object.

    • Come- Puppy responds quickly and happily when asked to come from 3 ft away.

    • Drop it- Puppy is comfortable with food or items being taken away


  • Guidance through puppy's  "fear period" - puppy will not make negative associations with potential fear factors

  • Started on 80-point socialization checklist


  • Regular baths & nail trims

  • Regular fur trims around the puppy's face, feet, and fanny

  • Up-to-date on vaccines - (records to transfer to owner at time of puppy's arrival)​​


  • Health records

  • Health guarantee and contract 

  • Harness & leash

  • 'Snuggle Puppy' to assist with transition

NOTE: Puppy will have an adjustment period when it must learn it's new environment & people. This may take a few days up to a few weeks.

  • If you are interested in adding this package to your puppy, please place a deposit ASAP to reserve a trainer


  • Payment for this training package is due at the time matchmaking at your puppy's 7 week birthday

  •  Puppies must remain with us for the full four weeks. additional days may be added for $80 Per extra day. This will continue their daily training. to avoid this fee, please make plans to pick up your puppy by it's 12 week birthday.

  • Deliveries may be accommodated for an additional mileage-based fee, depending on availability. 

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