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When training space is available, we select a few "standout" puppies in our litters to enroll in our highly sought-after puppy preschool program! These puppies are selected for their temperaments and trainability, which can be found on their profiles here on this page! If you're looking for the perfect puppy for your family, check out the puppies listed here!


If one stands out to you, then feel free to complete an application and we will decide together if it's a match for your family! Pricing varies per amount of training the puppy has and can be trained for as little as 4 weeks or as much as 20 weeks. Training is customizable if adopted early enough!

Review the inclusions of each program below:

4-Week Beginner Course

8-Week Intermediate Course 

12-Week Advanced Course 

16-Week Extra Advanced Course

20-Week Pre-Service/Pre-Therapy Course



Standard Bernedoodle



Medium Golden Mountain Doodle

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