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To do our job the way we think it should be done, it is NON-STOP and requires a small army to do it well...and serve our clients well! We LOVE our team and function as a family! If you're thinking about joining our doodle family, we'd love for you to get to know us! Click through the photos of our staff members (both human and canine!) on our various teams to get to know our management, training, concierge, and puppy development teams! 


Our management team leads the charge on a daily basis, both taking care of our facility, managing our clients' needs and wants, planning for upcoming litters, and more! Click through the photos below to get to know each member of our management team!


This team is the heartbeat of our company! They are the hardest workers around, and all have the biggest hearts for our puppies - and the people they go to! Each day, they spend intentional time weighing, weaning, cleaning, bathing, and getting to know each puppy's personality to make SURE that you get paired with the absolute right puppy for your specific family! 


Without our breeding and whelping team - we literally would not be in business! These guys take the BEST care of our mommas (and dads!) when they come for their honeymoons, as well as when they arrive to have their puppies! They ensure that each mom has round-the-clock monitoring until her puppies arrive, and then make sure that each puppy is healthy when the arrive by checking on them all hours of the day and night! These four also serve as our ICU team, so if a puppy is in trouble, they are sure to give it the absolute best chance to not only survive, but thrive.  Click through to get to know them! 


Meet our most exuberant team!! These kids are SO much fun, and are always up to do a little "kid testing" with our litters! Each litter meets these sweet kids (ages 5-10) and interacts with them. Each of them has a very unique personality and helps us deduct which puppies in any litter will be best to go to a family with little ones in the home! 


Puppy preschool is one of the most popular parts of our business - and these ladies are the who make it all happen! They each have a huge passion for training your puppies to become the exact missing piece to the families they go to! Click through to see what their favorite parts are of working for JLDD! 


Last but not least, is our puppy concierge team! These guys are amazing and focused on making sure that your puppy gets home to you safe and sound! They will do DELIVERY by flying or driving straight to you so that even if you're not close by, it won't be a stumbling block for you to be able to adopt a JLDD puppy! Meet the team that can bring your puppy to you safe and sound below! 

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