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While we would love to accommodate all the requests we have to come and visit our facility before committing to a puppy, there is no way to safely welcome the number of people requesting to visit our home, which also doubles as our breeding facility. However, we do want our potential clients to feel comfortable with both us as breeders and our facility.


For this reason, we do weekly tours of our facility and are open to questions via our Instagram account (@jennaleedesignerdoodles) every Friday at 6PM!

We love meeting clients, so we have set up seasonal "meet ups" here in our hometown of Charleston, SC!


Many of our breeding dogs come along, so if you're wondering if a doodle is right for you from an allergy, personality, or size standpoint - this is your opportunity come check it out! Out knowledgable staff members will be there to answer your questions and just say 'hi'! 

Spring Doodle Romp
Time is TBD
Location is TBD