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Skip the hardest parts of puppy ownership...and go right for the FUN parts! 

Our Level 2 Puppy Preschool Program not only works more on frustrating crate and potty training, but also focuses on training your puppy to your specific lifestyle. We spend time socializing your puppy and helping them better understand the world around them, and how to behave in it! We work on obedience, leash walking, and more in this program. If you want more, please check out our FULLY TRAINED puppies.




** cost added on to cost of puppy**


Training is based on availability of trainers and can be added on at the time of litter commitment! 


  • After we have matched you with the perfect puppy for you, if you have already purchased training for your puppy, we will go over any questions you may have and then assign your puppy a trainer based on availability

  • Price of training is added to the cost of your puppy. Balances for both your puppy and the full amount of training are due at puppy's seven week birthday. Additional days/weeks/months can be added on for the rate listed above.

  • Your puppy will graduate Puppy Culture and enroll formal training at 8 weeks of age, and complete training at 16 weeks, or 4 months old.

  • Puppy will be living with one of our JLDD Puppy Trainers 24/7 for 8 weeks.

  • After Puppy Preschool is complete, you receive instruction from your puppy's trainer explaining your puppy's schedule, nuances, routines, and will help assist you with how to best transition your puppy into your household. This will include a video of your puppy's commands (including hand signals) that you will need to mimic.

  • Please expect some transition issues with your puppy in the first few weeks as they are still a baby. You will be asked to schedule a zoom session with our head trainer prior to your puppy's arrival home. This session is meant to assist you as your puppy assimilates into its new life with you!

  • We understand that training never really ends with a puppy! They will need practice and reinforcement until at least 1 to 2 years of age. 

  • If your puppy is has not met our expectations by the time their graduation date arrives, they will be kept in preschool free of charge until they have satisfied the expectation.




  • Sleeping through the night in their crate for 8 or more hours

  • Potty training accidents are consistently two or less per week by the time the puppy graduates training class

  • Walks confidently and calmly on leash and heels when asked

  • Stands and stays for regular grooming procedures

  • Greets new people by sitting politely

  • Confident and attentive in new places

  • Rides Calmly in Car

  • Puppy is comfortable left alone for short periods


  • Sleeping through the night in their crate for 8 or more hours

  • Goes into kennel on cue



  • Potty training accidents are consistently two or less per week. Puppy gives a signal to ask to go out.



  • Walks confidently and calmly on leash and heels when asked



  • Stands and stays for regular grooming procedures



  • Greets new people by sitting politely when addressed correctly



  • Progress on JLDD's 80-point socialization checklist

  • Confident and attentive in new places. Puppy is socialized in a variety of settings with many new people and dogs. Confidence building and attention are our focus when socializing a puppy.



  • Rides Calmly in Car and puts their paws up to get in when asked.



  • Puppy is comfortable left alone for short periods.



  • Puppy can successfully navigate up and down stairs.



  • Puppy has a general understanding of his own toys and what is acceptable to chew. Can easily be redirected away from off limits items. 


OBEDIENCE CUES: (Around low to medium level distractions)

  • Name- Puppy knows and responds to his name.

  • Positive Interrupter- Puppy responds quickly to direction

  • Sit- Puppy understands hand signal and verbal cue.

  • Down- Puppy understands hand signal and verbal cue.

  • Heel- Puppy understands heel position and can maintain it for about five minutes

  • Kennel- Puppy walks into his kennel on cue while you are five feet away

  • Place- Puppy walks onto his place on cue, sits, and stays for at least three minutes.

  • Stay- At least 12 ft away for three minutes. May still reward throughout duration.

  • Leave it- Puppy understands to leave food or object

  • Come- Puppy responds quickly and happily when asked to come

  • Drop it- Puppy releases items from his/her mouth when asked

  • Wait- Puppy stops at doorway until released

  • Paws Up- Puppy puts two front paws up in the car

  • Go Say Hi- Puppy walks up to a person and sits politely for petting

(Your puppy will meet at least 70% of these goals to graduate Puppy Preschool. We understand every family has different training priorities. Based upon your requests and answers in our training questionnaire, we strive to meet these individual needs while following our curriculum.)




  • Regular baths & nail trims

  • Regular fur trims around the puppy's face, feet, and fanny

  • Up-to-date on vaccines - records to transfer to owner at time of puppy's arrival



  • Health records

  • Health guarantee and contract 

  • Harness & leash

  • Snuggle Puppy

NOTE: Puppy will have an adjustment period when it must learn it's new environment & people. Setting aside time to work with your puppy daily for the first weeks he/she is home will set you both up for success. The puppy needs to practice his/her training with you in order to for our work with the puppy to transfer to you. 

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