Female Standard Bernedoodle
We'd like for you to meet Willow! She is a 4 month old standard F1B Bernedoodle from GUCCI and COACH, from their recent Spring 2021 litter. Unfortunately shortly after bringing Willow home her owner got ill and was hospitalized, and her children reached out in order to have Willow come back to us so we could find her a new home. Willow has just completed her second week in our JLDD training program so we could learn more about her and where she is with her training.  
Willow is a very playful and loving dog, who strives for attention and having a buddy she can play with, nap with and use for some emotional support. Willow can be a little nervous in new situations, and takes a little time to warm up in new situations or with new dogs. We have been calling her our "wallflower," as she now enjoys the company of our dogs after her first week, and she loves her training classmate Emerson (a little mini Goldendoodle). Willow is looking for a home that can support her as she continues to learn how to be a brave young puppy, and slowly introduce her to new things. We think most of these nerves and occasional nervous pee's is linked to her not having a ton of early socialization once she went home. 

If you're interested in applying for Willow, please click the button below to be taken to our puppy match application. We are always thorough in our adoption process for all our puppies, and will be thorough in finding Willow her new forever home.