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Name inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo



NICKNAMESFerra Bear, Doodle girl, and Baby

HAIR: Sable Parti

EYES: Brown


BIRTHDAY: February 9th, 2021

GENERATION: Multigenerational

OFA HIPS & ELBOWS: Cleared by parentage/lineage 

GENETIC CLEARANCES: Cleared by parentage

HOBBIES:  I LOVE spending time with my family, I got adopted by my mom’s (DeLa) family so I get to grow up with her and it’s the best! I love swimming, going on the boat and playing frisbee! My favorite snack is bananas covered in Greek yogurt and when my dad adds scrambled eggs to my breakfast! I am friends with everyone I meet and woofing in my love language. I’m super smart like my mom DeLa and super cuddly like my dad Saint. Luckily I got the pretty eyelashes from both!

IF I WAS A HUMAN, I WOULD BE: Pretty much any Disney princess!

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