Kate & Armani's 

Winer 2016 

Standard Multi-Generational

Goldendoodle Puppies

Born December 28th! 

2 Female Apricot Partis

2 Male Apricot Partis

2 male Chocolate Partis

1 Male Black Parti

Sold Out!

Deposit List & Picking Order

Picks begin at 6 Weeks of Age

1.) Breeder's Pick

2.) Breeder's Pick

3.)The Couturier Family

4.) The Frick Family

5.)  The Steele Family

6.) The Morris Family

7.) Puppy Preschool

To be added to the list above, please first fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION and then you my PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT through PayPal by clicking below or mailing a check.

No product

Pink Collar

Female Apricot Parti


Adopted By The Morris Family

Blue Collar

Male Apricot Parti

Adopted By The Couturier Family

Purple Collar

Female Apricot Parti

- Breeder's Pick

Orange Collar

Male Chocolate Parti
Joining our Puppy Preschool Program!

Will be sold as a trained puppy!

Red Collar

Black & White Parti


Adopted By The Frick Family

Black Collar

Male Apricot Parti

Adopted By The Steele Family

Green Collar

Male Chocolate Parti

- Breeder's Pick

South Carolina
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