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Announcement: Upcoming Litters!

Did you know a group of full-grown dogs is called a “kennel?” While some might think that it's simply a tiny building to board your puppy, it’s more than that. Speaking of our kennel...

We do have a number of welcomed additions to Jenna’s Doodles, waiting to be matched with the perfect home. And that’s exactly what our South Carolina breedership does: matchmaking. We take the time and work carefully to match our puppies with the right parents based on their personalities and lifestyles.

But that’s enough about that. You came here to hear about the new pups. Who are the luckiest parents in the canine world? There’s a wonderful laundry list of life being brought into this world, with each puppy being a tiny ray of sunshine.

Luella is the newest mom and Max couldn’t be happier as a pop to his new pups. Luella’s currently nursing a beautiful bunch of Mini Goldendoodles, each as cute as the one next to it. They’re a spectacular mix of Red, Blonde, and Parti colored.

Recent blog posts:

If mini is not your thing, Betsey and Saint are celebrating the arrival of the pristine puppies of the Medium Goldendoodle variety. Whether Blonde, Parti, Merle, or Sable, they’re expected to weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 to 45 lbs.

Then there’s Tori and Calvin as well as McQueen and Calvin-- they’ll be the proud parents of two separate litters of Mini Golden Mountain Doodles. The former is near the end of this month. The latter on September 18th.

A little bit smaller than their medium brothers and sisters, they could be Blue Merle, Tri, Parti, or even Phantom.

With fall right around the corner, we’re ready to fall in love with our gorgeous Mini Goldendoodles puppies that Missy and Max will be welcoming in early October. Weighing in about 15 to 20 lbs. each, they’ll most likely be Sable, Red, or Blonde

That’s before we even mention the litter from Flora and Charlie, who will be proud parents in mid-October.

Head here to find out more. We always list our recent and upcoming litters at this same link.

Need specific information about what the potential puppy rainbow of colors are? We have a deeper dive into all the possibilities here.

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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