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Do Goldendooles Like Having Other Dogs Around? Compatibility & More

Whether you're looking to add another dog to your pack or simply taking your pup to the park for a jog, it’s inevitable that your Goldendoodle will run into another dog. While some breeds are comfortable with humans but aggressive toward other four-legged creatures, other pups are curious and friendly when meeting a new friend of the four-legged variety.

What should you expect in these situations when introducing your Goldendoodle to another furry friend? Let’s talk about that.

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What are the parent breeds of Goldendoodles?

The parent breeds for Goldendoodles are a key reason why these dogs are such loveable pups, so let’s start by discussing where they came from.

Golden retrievers are easy to train and obedient as well as outgoing. In addition to being intelligent, these dogs are good with children and will love your family as well as others they come into contact with. They love playing with their toys and you!

Poodles love your attention too but need more positive reinforcement at times than Golden Retrievers. Poodles might tap into some of their more mischievous tendencies if not trained early and with a firm hand and well-socialized with other dogs. Just because poodles look like a powder puff, don’t let the fluff fool you.

These dogs are pups with a purpose. Both the golden retriever and the poodle make excellent service dogs and are highly sociable. So how do the traits of both breeds show up in Goldendoodles?

What are the characteristics of Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles have many of the same characteristics as their parent breeds. Most are great with children as well as those with disabilities. Much like Poodles and Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles bond with their families.

Words that are commonly used for these gorgeous dogs include loving, trustworthy, and loyal - and all of these are true. Goldendoodles, unabashedly friendly, are ready and willing to share their cheerful demeanor with you and the rest of your family. They’ll walk up to others on the street to say “hello” with no hesitation whatsoever.

They do, not unlike their Poodle pals, require training and socialization with other dogs early on. You don’t want them to dial into bad habits. They respond to a firm yet loving hand and can be easily trained. That said, we notice differences in the temperaments based on their size.

Is there a difference between standard, medium or mini Goldendoodles?

Naturally, the largest difference between a standard Goldendoodle and mini or medium Goldendoodles is size. These dogs are 50-80 pounds depending on their specific litter/parentage. While you might expect the standard Goldendoodle to be more lively, you might want to think again. They do love exercise – standard Goldendoodles are perfect for jogging or hiking – but they don’t have the highest energy levels.

While the size of a standard Goldendoodle might be an issue for a small apartment, the energy of a mini Goldendoodle might present the biggest problem. The mini Goldendoodles have more vim and vigor than their larger counterparts, and their personalities, in essence, take up more space.

Probably the Goldilocks of Goldendoodles are the medium Goldendoodles. They have some of the best qualities of their larger kin, while their size is more manageable. However, no matter what size Doodle, its heart will always win out.

For everything you might want to know about the specific differences in the size and personality of these groups, why not check out our rundown on all of the pros and cons of each right here.

So… do Goldendoodles like having another dog around?

In short, yes! These playful pups are, by definition, energetic and outgoing. If you’re an introvert, one trip to the dog park with your Goldendoodle could change your entire worldview.

Goldendoodles are bundles of energy with an innate sense of curiosity that allows them to explore and integrate into different situations around them. Even more so are those Goldendoodles that have been professionally raised and trained.

Do you have a pup that has been exposed to its littermates for the first eight or so weeks of its life? Have no fear. They’ll get along with just about any furry friends of the canine variety as long as you continue to socialize them early and often and prepare yourself for a life of love, adoration, and companionship.

Why is socialization not only fun but a plus?

Owning a Goldendoodle is not for the faint of heart... or those who are low on energy! These dogs have a need for regular attention and social interaction. Because of this desire for interaction, socialization with other dogs could curb issues with aggression.

The more they learn to play with others the better they’ll be day to day. The more friends they make, the easier they’ll make friends in the future. Possibly because of their Poodle parentage, Goldendoodles enjoy the water and a good swim. At the very least, moderate exercise daily is a necessity, even though they do enjoy a good nap or a lazy day on the couch with their owners.

When is the best time to introduce a new puppy to your Goldendoodle?

If you already have a Goldendoodle sharing your home and your heart, you might be asking, “when can I introduce another puppy?” The answer is simple. If your current Goldendoodle is a minimum of a year old, you could consider inviting a second puppy into your home.

The reason we recommend waiting for your first dog to be a year old is that in the first six months of its life, your Goldendoodle will become intimately acclimated with its surroundings. The second six-month period allows them to form their personality as well as bond with you and the rest of your family. By then, you should know your fur baby and they’ll know you. You’ll have an idea of who you’d like to introduce as your dog’s new sibling/roommate.

Want to know more about when to get a second dog? JLDD discusses this in detail here.

Goldendoodles are the gold standard of dogs that love other dogs

Because of their parentage and the heart and soul of a Goldendoodle, they’re perfect playmates for other dogs. If you are able to train them and socialize them as early as possible, this will nearly guarantee that they can make new friends without issue.

Are you looking to invite a Goldendoodle into your family? Maybe you’re looking to add another? Why not fill out an application to get the ball rolling with our Exclusive Matchmaking System? Or consider one of the highly regarded Training Programs. We’re here to make sure that no matter what the conditions your new furry family is happy and healthy.

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