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Doodle Breeder Explains How to Pick the Perfect Puppy

There are few things more exciting than deciding to get a new puppy. You're looking forward to months of incredible cuteness and a lifetime of unconditional love.

But how do you know which puppy will be perfect for you? Just as important, what kind of puppy will be happiest with you and your lifestyle? We've been breeding doodles in SC for years & we can help you make the very best decision for both you and your new best friend.

Should I Have a Male or Female Puppy?

There are a few considerations for this decision. If you want a very active puppy, we suggest getting a female because they tend to have more energy and need more mental stimulation, which equates to more structured playtime.

If you’re confident and patient with dogs and puppies, a male puppy might be right for you. Sometimes little boy dogs take a little bit longer to train. If you’re less experienced with training dogs, a female dog might be better because they seem to pick up on training quicker and display a bigger drive to learn.

What Other Dogs Do You Have in the House?

If you have other dogs, you should take into consideration the personalities of those dogs. If you have a very dominant and serious dog, a high-energy dog might upset that balance. An energetic dog will fit right in with a rambunctious group. If you have a female or even two females that get along, we would suggest getting a male because introducing another female can cause issues.

If you have a male dog, either gender should be OK to introduce because males are more laid-back when it comes to gender introductions to the family. When you are choosing a puppy from us, we’re happy to help you pick the very best personality for your situation.

Will My Doodle Puppy Shed?

Goldendoodles have become popular because they provide an amazing companion with a huge reduction in the shedding we associate with retrievers. We code each of our breeds and litters by their level of shedding. We can help you choose the right puppy for you and what your threshold for shedding is.

How Do I Train My New Puppy?

One of the things that makes having a puppy so enjoyable is watching the bond form between you and your new family member. The best way to strengthen this bond is through training.

Doing this on your own can be really difficult. It’s hard to know the right amount of time per day to spend on training, which commands are the easiest to learn and should be learned first, and how to measure incremental success.

At JennaLee Designer Doodles, we offer puppy preschool to help the newest member of your family integrate easily and smoothly. We offer three packages that assist your puppy enter your family already knowing their manners while still being a bundle of love.

You can choose the package that’s perfect for your puppy. Starting at eight weeks, your puppy will stay with a trainer for the length of the program.

This gives you and your puppy a great foundation of training and controlled behavior. It includes our basic building blocks:

  • Beginner crate training and potty training

  • Group socialization

  • Stair training

  • House manners

This advanced preschool includes everything our three-week program does but goes further to include:

  • More advanced crate training and potty training

  • Beginning on & off-leash training and socialization

  • Basic obedience

  • House training

Your dog will come home valedictorian of training! This is the best package we offer and gives you a reservation for the pick of the litter and a private meet and greet to pick your puppy.

Your little baby will get a full 12 weeks of training with updates, pictures and report cards sent to you throughout. You’ll have a very well-adjusted dog that is less stressful to manage!

A Life-Long Relationship

Remember, whichever puppy you choose, you’re choosing him or her for life. At JennaLee Designer Doodles, we’re here to help you pick the right puppy for you and your home so you both are happy and excited to spend a life full of love together.

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