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How Do I Find the Right Dog to Adopt?

It seems like such an easy process, right? Step 1: Decide that you want a dog. Step 2: Go out and get a dog. But a new puppy isn’t a new video game that you can discard after the first play-through. Or even a new purse for that matter, where if it doesn’t go with all your outfits, you can just shove it back in the closet.

It’s such a big decision, that some people even hire puppy consultants, concierges or matchmakers to help them decide. A puppy is a wonderful, living gift that wants to share your life and love. And, let’s be honest, your food.

Makenzie from our South Carolina dog breedership concisely puts it like this: “Finding the right dog for your family should be a pretty involved process, making sure you not only find a good breeder but the right type of dog, size and even gender for you or your family.”

Let’s make it as simple as possible. Mackenzie has outlined three of the most important questions you should pose to yourself and your family when beginning the path to a new puppy.

What sort of dog does my lifestyle support?

What’s your lifestyle like? Do your evenings consist of lounging around binging the latest hit from Netflix? A dog with a laid-back demeanor; one that’s ready to snuggle and play on the couch could be your best bet.

The gaggle of kids that have taken over your abode may require a canine with an outgoing and energetic personality. Whether it be a pup that begs for adventure or a calm sidekick to chill with, make sure you know what you’re looking for so you can find a pup that matches your personality.

What breed fits those desires the most?

You’ve been insightful enough to reflect on your lifestyle choices. Now, apply them to the best breed to fill in the blanks. Sheepadoodles love to run around and problem solve. But given a lack of mental stimulation, they’ll roam and could cause a ruckus.

You could be on the search for a therapy dog based on the needs of yourself or someone else in your home. Goldendoodles could be the answer. Sure, like Sheepadoodles, they’re active creatures, but their patient and loving temperament make incredible companions. Educate yourself on a breed’s most common traits. It’ll save you tons of time and heartache.

Look at your home, apartment, yard, travel life and neighborhood.

We’ll let Mackenzie take this one. “Do you travel a lot? Did you know mini doodles tend to get car sick the most out of any breed?

“Do you live in a studio apartment, but love 65+ pound dogs, who, when fully grown, may be able to step over your coffee table, and take up your entire floor plan when they are at their full adult weight?

“Having a fenced yard will make raising a new puppy ten times easier, or if your neighborhood is dog friendly and has clean local parks, do you necessarily need a fence?”

Once you’ve answered these questions then you’re ready to begin the journey to bring your dog home. You won’t be disappointed and the lifetime full of love and mutual admiration you’re trading for the time that you’ve put into research.

While this may seem like an obvious answer to the question, what is one of the best ways to find the right puppy for your family? Reach out to us! Fill out an application and get the ball rolling.

We’ll walk through every step and make sure you find the right dog to adopt. We take pride in the level of success that we’ve had since June of 2020 and before that with the JLDD Exclusive Puppy Matchmaking System. We take immense pride in finding the right home and family for the right dog!

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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