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New Puppy Owner Checklist: 8 Things Every Owner Needs to Have

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

You just bought a puppy… now what?

First time puppy owners may be apt to buy-out the canine section of Petco. But we are here with a streamlined "new puppy owner checklist." It's important to focus on the very basics so you'll be prepared.

Here are the top 8 things you will need to begin your journey with your furrever friend.

1. Leash - A simple 6 foot leash is often the best for a puppy… you will want to teach them to heel and walk properly on the leash so avoiding long or retractable leashes is often best early on. 2. Collar and I.D. Tag - Even for a standard sized Doodle, you will typically want to start out with a smaller collar. We have found that for most breeds and brands this is a size small. Again, simple is best here. For larger size pups, you will need to upgrade as your pup grows so no need to break the bank yet. Adding an I.D. tag with your phone number is also important for keeping your pup safe. 3. Harness - This is optional, but often helpful for smaller pups as they are getting the hang of leash walking as it puts less strain on the neck. Walking your pup on leash can be difficult the first few weeks and requires a lot of patience. Don’t expect to get too far before your little guy attempts to wriggle out of what seems to be an unnecessary gadget from his perspective. Be patient and he’ll have the hang of it before no time! 4. Kennel - The kennel is helpful for having a secure, safe place to leave your pup when you can’t keep your eyes on him. Make sure you choose the correct size kennel based on your pups current and predicted adult size/weight. Pro Tip: Adding a crate liner or bed will help your pup be more comfortable in his crate. Often puppy owners opt for a bed/liner on the thinner or firmer side as large, fluffy beds seem to tempt little puppies to chew them up! 5. Wire Slicker Brush – Doodles need to be brushed regularly to avoid matting. For most owners a simple wire brush will do the trick. If you plan to self-groom your dog, claw-clippers, ear-cleaners, etc. may also prove to be a necessity! 6. TOYS, TOYS and MORE TOYS – While we have suggested a minimalist approach regarding most of the items on this list, we definitely suggest going heavy on the toys! A variety of toys will help your Doodle with mental stimulation and teething! Doodles are highly intelligent dogs and will grow bored and find their own “toys” without a good variety to choose from. Interactive toys such as food puzzle toys or treat dispensing balls can be helpful in keeping your pup entertained. Also, having textured toys as well as different long-last chews (bully sticks, etc.) can also be helpful for teething.

7. Food Variety - Your baby needs different food early on than when they're older. Talk to your vet about their recommendation for puppy nutrition, including treats. Not everyone can afford the food the vet offers in their office, so ask about the best pet store food – there are really good ones out there. Follow the recommended feeding amounts and increase portions as the guide suggests on the back of the food bag. Pro Tip: Here’s a note you may not want to hear – now’s a great time NOT to get your little one used to people's food. We know how hard those little eyes are to resist, but you’re doing them a favor – your dog was never meant to eat cheese, crackers or pizza. In fact, there’s a long list of foods that can harm them, so it’s best to just keep your food to yourself.

8. Potty Supplies – Choose your preferred potty method and make purchases accordingly. You will want a ribbon of bells if you opt for the bell-training method and/or puppy pads if you want to start with that route. In any case, a bottle of carpet cleaner is a must!

There are many, many more dog related products that you may find useful, but this new puppy owner checklist will cover the basic necessities and give you a good start as a you head into dog ownership!

For more ideas on specific products check out our recommended shopping list:

Have any unanswered questions about the above blog? We’d love to help you. Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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