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Top 10 Most Popular Names for Dogs for 2023

“What's in a name? That which we call a puppy by any other name would smell just as sweet.” Wasn’t that from Romeo and Drooliet by William Shakespeare? Or was it Virginia Woof?

Doesn’t matter. What does is, you now have an adorable dewy-eyed, floppy-eared new pup. And they need a name. But what do you call him? Or her? We must look back to look forward.

Let’s look at the most popular names from the past few years so we can try to psychically predict what the top names in 2023 might be. And, maybe, you'll decide on a name for your perfect puppy pal from one of our prominent picks.

This is Fun. Don’t Forget That!

Finding the perfect name for your dog can be a lot of fun!

It might be difficult to select the ideal name for your dog. But don't let it ruin the joy of naming your pup something amusing. Yes, for many years your dog will go by this name, but choosing a name for your beloved doesn't have to be dramatic.

Not all dogs can live the straightforward life that a "traditional" canine name like Fido or Sally would imply. There aren't really any restrictions concerning how to select a name for your pooch.

This is an enjoyable and fascinating process, naming your dog. It's not about being annoyed with excellent or awful dog names or fretting that your dog will have a dull name. We promise that any name you give your dog will be the one you will cherish most and remember the easiest.

Things to Consider

While giving your dog a name is a delight, it also requires some thinking and preparation. Your dog's new name will be used for many years to come. And hopefully, you can avoid some names which may result in difficulties down the road as there are simpler ones for your dog to hear and recognize than others.

You don't want to give your dog a bad name, mislead other animals, or make it difficult for them to bark in the park.

Therefore, take into account some of these useful suggestions before deciding on a name for your dog. Select the one that will mean the most to you and your new addition.

Top Five Girls Names for Your Dog:

Girls rule. Boys drool. In this case, literally. Why not look at five of the most popular names for your lady dogs you might love and bond with?

1. Luna

Could Harry Potter be responsible for this one’s spike in popularity? Literally meaning “moon” according to its Latin roots. This name has climbed up the charts to become one of the most beloved of the past few years.

2. Bella

You could go for the lengthier Isabella. Put simply, this name means “beautiful.” So many nationalities would agree as it means the same in Spanish, Greek and Portuguese.

3. Daisy

We know that Donald loves this name along with the Duck it’s attached to. In Old English, it translates to “the day’s eye.” Flowers open during the day and close at night. And daisies are no different.

4. Molly

Maybe you’ve got a lovely Irish Setter and want to bless it with a name meaning “star of the sea.” A name that is quintessentially Gaelic, it compliments any rover who’s ready to wander over land or sea.

5. Lucy

Derivative of the Latin root Lux which means “light,” Lucy is definitely for those dogs that are full of energy and life. You can’t tell us that you don’t love Lucy!

Top Five Boys Names for Your Pup:

1. Max

The Grinch might have stolen Christmas, but it was certainly his canine companion who stole our hearts. Oftentimes, short for Maximillian, this name derives the meaning “the greatest” from its Latin roots.

2. Buddy

Its English roots seem to indicate that this name obviously means “friend.” Whether an oversized elf from the North Pole or just a well-known acquaintance, your doggo is sure to live up to this name.

3. Bailey

“Berry clearing.” We know it’s a strange etymological definition. But that’s where this English/ French name comes from. But it could also mean “bailiff” or “city fortification.” We’ll let you decide which suits your dog better.

4. Charlie

You can refer to him as Charles. But that might be too formal. Another name with English roots, this one means “free man.” This one’s pretty popular in the bipedal community as well, from Sheen to Puth and Parker to Chaplin.

5. Rocky

Italian in its origin, the name Rocky means “rest.” But Rocky always brings to mind the boxer Balboa from the movies, right? Maybe a second dog could be his Adrian.

Other Names You May Want to Consider?

There is a literal universe of well-worn and never explored nomenclature out there. Don’t be afraid to bless your dog with a name that is similar to the pup down the street or something that’s never been used before.

Don’t be shy to name your Labrador “Scout” or your Bulldog “Tiny.” It’s okay to own a Conner or Brutus or Cran or Bruno. No matter what, if you have your dog’s best interest in mind and love in your heart, then that’ll show up on their dog tags.

Personality is Important

Make sure to choose a name that fits your dog's personality.

When you find a name that your family likes and that fits your dog, you should stick with it. It makes no difference what other people think as long as it's easy enough for your new furry friend to learn. Remember to give your new puppy a set of ID tags with his or her name and your contact information on them.

Puppies enjoy exploring, so make sure whoever finds your Fido can return him to his owner.

The Importance of Giving Your Dog a Cute Name?

A man's best friend is his dog. They are devoted, loving, and always delighted to see you. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of personalities. Some dogs are energetic and playful, while others are more laid back.

There is no shortage of names to choose from when naming your new puppy! Some people name their dogs after cute, funny, or amusing things like celebrities.

The importance of giving your dog a cute name is that it helps the two of you grow closer. It also makes training easier because positive reinforcement is more effective than negative reinforcement.

Dogs are frequently given names based on their appearance or personality. The name of a dog is very important to consider because it can influence the dog's behavior.

Maybe you have the perfect name picked out. You just need a puppy to gift it to. We can help!

JLDD is your one-stop shop for your next canine companion of the Doodle variety. We can answer all your questions from the general to the specific. Ready to apply for a Doodle of your own today? Let’s get that done!

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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