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What Makes Sheepadoodles Great Pets?

If you walked by a Sheepadoodle on the street, you might think to yourself, “Wow, that’s the most adorable teddy on all fours. And I want to cuddle that pup now!” 'Cause Sheedadoodles do, indeed, resemble teddy bears! But we might be getting ahead of ourselves.

JennaLee Designer Doodles has a new litter of Sheepadoodles. In this post we’ll check in on how these baby pups are doing, and learn more about the characteristics of the Sheepadoodle breed.

Interested in adding a new puppy to your family?

What exactly is a Sheepadoodle?

Sheepadoodles are a mix of two fantastic breeds: an Old English sheepdog and a poodle.

Old English sheepdogs could be summarized as athletic, intelligent dogs that are loyal to a fault. But that would be shortchanging this versatile and hard-working creature.

The social butterfly of the dog world, this loving and energetic dog is perfect for anyone who is looking for a companion.

Because they’re part poodle, sheepadoodles are one of the most admirable and trainable dogs in the universe - their cleverness supersedes almost all other personality traits. Joined together, these two breeds form an excitable and spirited animal.

Are you worried about how much space you have? (Well, good on you for thinking about your new puppy pal as well as yourself.) While Sheepadoodles are known for their vigor and vitality, they can come in smaller packages.

Toy, Mini, Medium and Standard sizes are all varieties of Sheepadoodle. No matter what their height or weight, they’re sure to go toe to toe with both intelligence and passion.

What’s the attitude and personality of a Sheepadoodle?

We’ve discussed the sheepadoodle parent breeds and all of their best traits. But let's tell you a little more about this dog of the hour!

“Sheepadoodles are super intelligent and very bright, they are from a working dog line,” says Makenzie from the team here at JLDD.

One wouldn't want to leave a Sheepadoodle alone at length as they can be mischievous and are known to get into some trouble, most likely attributed to their poodle parent link. Need a guard dog? Their bark is definitely worse than their bite. Intruders will get an earful but probably won’t get bit.

All in all, whether sitting or fetching, the Sheepadoodle is a great family dog, ready and waiting to please.

Who’s the right owner for a Sheepadoodle?

Sheepadoodles are not for the lax and lazy. We’re just going to put that out front. They are energetic and playful. They need to be consistently engaged, otherwise they might get bored and cause mischief.

Makenzie says this about these pups, “They THRIVE on exercise, mental stimulation, and food games (really just games in general). A Sheepie that can use its brain and body throughout the day will be a much happier family pet.”

Got allergies? Not a problem! While all dogs produce dander which is what sets off a person’s allergies, these beauties - like most Doodles - are as close to hypoallergenic as a canine can be. They shed. Don’t be fooled. They simply shed less.

A word to the wise, however. Sheepadoodles do honor their heritage by also having herding tendencies. If you have small children, these dogs could nip at quick-moving heels here and there. It’s not out of malice, it’s just genetic. Keep them constantly stimulated, engaged as well as thoroughly trained and this shouldn’t be an issue.

Harkening back to a former blog that outlined several of our favorite Doodles, “When mixed with the Poodle’s traits, the Sheepadoodle is an exceptionally sweet, outgoing and intelligent canine. But he can be 'a lot of dog' for busy families. Sheepadoodles love adventures and mental stimulation, so if you have a family ready for lots of activity, this could be the right breed for you!“

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What’s going on with the new litter of Sheepadoodles at JLDD?

Let’s check back in with Makenzie to see how this litter is coming along:

“In this litter, they are already showing how smart and intuitive they are; they are food motivated and love people. While most tested well with kids, it's important to still consider their herding background, and make sure your kids are also a well-suited match for a more active new puppy and future adult dog.”

How do I get a hold of a Sheepadoodle?

That’s the best question of the day! We are always ready to help you home one of our amazingly talented pups. Why else would we create the JLDD Exclusive Matchmaking System?

Starting with a simple yet thorough application, you’ll eventually receive an email declaring that it’s time to bring your new fur baby home.

We want you to be so much happier over the next 12 to 15 years and - we may be biased - we don’t think there is any better way to do so than with a Doodle by your side. From the day they’re born to the day we place them in your care, it’s all about the emotional connection.

Click over to our FAQ page and follow us down the rabbit hole into the incredible world of dog ownership. Who knows? A Sheepadoodle could be in your future.

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