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By paying this deposit, you are officially commiting yourself to a litter! This means that you understand the timeline for the litter matchmaking, pickup, and go home days. 


Commitment deposits secure your position in the litter, and allow us to spend more time specifically looking for just the right puppy for your family, or just for you as an individual!


Commitment deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!


  • If you are matched with a puppy in the litter you are committing to, this deposit will come off of your puppy's balance, which is due at 7 weeks of age
  • If you are NOT matched with a puppy in this litter for any reason, your deposit will go toward a future puppy. It cannot be used toward another litter commitment. A new litter commitment deposit must be made for each litter that you are committing to.
  • If you decide against adopting a puppy from this litter after you have placed this deposit, it will not be refunded and will be forefeited. 



Litter Commitment Deposit

    • Matches are sent out the weekend of the puppies' 7 week birthday. They must be accepted or denied by 6pm on the Sunday following the matchmaking email. If you do not respond, we will move forward with potentially matching your puppy with another family.
    • Puppy and/or training balances must be paid by the following Monday at midnight EST. 
    • Health and/or training contracts must be signed by the following Monday at midnight EST.
    • If you reject your match, you will both lose your commitment deposit and your original deposit date will be edited to reflect the date in which you denied your match. 
    • If you cannot pick up your puppy at the designated time and place on pickup day, you understand that you will be subject to a $30/day boarding fee that may only extend for 3 days from the original pickup date. Then, your puppy must enter our training program for their own health and wellbeing. 
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