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Name inspired by Hester Sunshine



I'M A: Medium Goldendoodle (from Fendi & Oscar)

HAIR: Blue merle parti, wavy

EYES: 1 Blue, 1 Brown

WEIGHT: 32 lbs

BIRTHDAY: March 11, 2020

GENETIC CLEARANCES: Cleared by parentage (from Fendi & Oscar)

HOBBIES: Hi! My name is Sunshine and I’m guaranteed to brighten your day! Whether you’d like to play fetch, go for a walk or jump the waves at the beach, I’m your girl! The best part is, I’ll end your day with the softest, sweetest cuddles! Along the way, I’ll bring happiness and warmth wherever we go, because I’m a little ray of light. 
IF I WAS A HUMAN, I WOULD BE: Poppy from the movie, Trolls.

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