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Name inspired by Victoria Beckham Clothing


I'M A: F3 Medium Goldendoodle (Fendi x Oscar)

HAIR: Blue Merle

EYES: Brown & Blue

WEIGHT: 30 lbs

BIRTHDAY: August 31, 2019

BIRTHPLACE: Charleston, SC

OFA HIPS:  Pending

GENETIC CLEARANCES: Cleared by parentage (Fendi x Oscar)

HOBBIES: I am the queen of stretching

and practice my yoga stretching poses whenever possible, but especially after a long nap,

which I love to take draped over the back of the couch. I’m all about having fun and love running

around with my four-legged sister, Bella, the most! My humans all love me so much, especially Grayson, who

gives me all the hugs and kisses every single day. I’m very patient with her cause she’s only 3

and I need to teach her to be a good human.

IF I WERE A HUMAN, I WOULD BE: Tina Fey- she is hilarious just like me!


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