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Are Mini Goldendoodles Hyper? We Wouldn't Go That Far

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Not all dogs are equal. Some eat more than others. Some may not make friends easily. And others yet may never lack energy and exude hyperness.

Looking at the Goldendoodle, the mini-variety specifically, we ask the question: do they have more energy than other dogs? And if their enthusiasm does fall into the category of extra, would you classify them as hyper? Let’s “dig” into it!

Are Mini Goldendoodles actually hyper?

Both parent breeds of the Mini Goldendoodle, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, were originally bred to assist hunters on the prowl. While this prime directive allowed them to be bred as highly trainable, this dually called for them to be high energy to keep up with their owners.

Their Mini Goldendoodle counterparts - one of the most popular doodle types - aren’t any different. They crave exercise and mental stimulation. Without regular, if not constant, interaction, especially as a puppy, the Mini Goldendoodle could go rogue and create a far more mischievous routine that no one would like in their home. Are they exuberant and excitable? Yes. But hyper? That’s one step too far.

Do minis have more or less energy because they’re smaller?

Size doesn’t matter in many cases. But, with Goldendoodles, that’s not exactly true. They come in toy, mini, medium and standard sizes. While many traits carry over from smaller to larger, there are distinct differences. What and why is that?

Makenzie from our team puts it like this:

“While minis are smaller in stature, this doesn’t mean they’re lower energy. The more mini you go, the more Poodle you get, it's a fact. There are no such things as mini full Golden Retrievers, so you are getting the majority of Poodle. Or in multi-generational litters, the balance is a more even spread due to a better mix.”

To put it succinctly, the smaller the Doodle, the more the Poodle and generally speaking, the higher the energy.

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Do they need more or less exercise?

Dogs with higher energy will need more exercise. It’s an immutable fact. You could be thinking that the smaller the dog, the less space for all that energy. It’s not true. Lots of small dogs have a ton of vigor and vitality while most are not clinically hyperactive. It’s how you channel that natural enthusiasm that’s paramount.

But will this specific breed require more time outdoors?

Let’s check in with Makenzie again:

“Do they enjoy long hikes or mile-long runs? Probably not, as they can’t keep up or have the lung capacity or long enough legs to physically do those activities. But, minis can still have tons of energy. Because they’re also pretty intelligent (from their mini Poodle lineage) they need to work their minds as well as their bodies, as much as any puppy does.”

Mini Goldendoodles, just like their Golden Retriever and Poodle parents, won’t be satisfied with prancing around in the backyard once a day. They’ll need a couple of nice, brisk walks. But don’t expect them to be at your side when you choose to run a marathon.

Three tools for a calmer Mini Goldendoodle

There’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned training. From impulse control to reinforcing good behavior and discouraging undesirable exploits, it’s key to set boundaries for your puppy early on. Doing so will help your survive the puppy stage and avoid "new puppy owner regret."

While it may seem a noble endeavor of keeping your house in order, proper training goes deeper and will allow them to not be as impulsive. Everything you teach them will help these minis be a better companion for you and your family.

Most bad behavior can be curbed simply by making sure that your dog gets enough of the right workouts.

Check out our training page to see the many programs we can offer your brand new Doodle.


If you were never able to get out of your house, you’d go a little stir crazy, right? The same goes for your mini Goldendoodle. They want to get out and run and frolic but they also want to play with their friends and even make new ones.

As we discussed above, regular walks are a great way for your puppy to stretch its legs, but it’s also a great opportunity for him or her to meet and greet other people and pups from around your neighborhood.

And what might be considered antithetical thinking, your dog could use some alone time. This allows them to understand who they are as an individual without you or other dogs around. All of these elements above and below will prevent your dog from becoming anxious or aggressive.

Spaying and Neutering

While spaying and neutering will prevent future offspring that you never budgeted for or expected, it will also keep your female dogs from going into heat and your male pals from roaming the neighborhood.

While this is NOT a short-term fix for Mini Goldendoodles or any other dog's extra attitude, it will definitely be a step in the right direction long term. Not to mention it could prevent health issues that could occur in dogs not receiving these most important treatments.

Hyper has such a negative connotation. It paints the picture of an untethered dog bouncing off the walls uncontrollably. Even though Mini Goldendoodles demonstrate a healthy, playful exuberance, to advise that they're hyper would be a mischaracterization.

Utilizing the proper tools and patience, your Mini Goldendoodle could funnel their energy into a most successful and productive adulthood.

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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