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Golden Mountain Doodles: Health Q's + How Long They Live

Updated: Feb 25

Doodle’s are adorable. There’s absolutely no question about it. So much to cuddle and play with that we never want it to end.

Forever seems like a long time, and while the memories will live on, it’s how we treat them while they share our time and our lives. We escort them through any problem that may arise. Just how much time is a mix of nature and nurture.

Let's get down to the details of the strength, health and longevity of the Golden Mountain Doodle!

golden mountain doodles

Overview of the Golden Mountain Doodle Breed

Many Doodle breeds are a mix of a Poodle parent and one other breed of dog. Golden Mountain Doodles are a little more complex. The Golden Mountain Doodle is a mix of Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. (See the different golden mountain doodle sizes and how big they can get here.)

Poodles are the most important part of this particular equation. Especially to those who have an allergy to dogs. Poodles have wonderfully hypoallergenic fur that doesn't shed. They are also extremely intelligent which makes them easy to train.

While Poodles can be energetic, the Bernese Mountain Dog can temper that personality trait in a Golden Mountain Doodle. They’re easy-going while being mildly active. Still intelligent, they’re also very sociable creatures.

We finally come to the Golden Retriever. They’re energetic and trainable, like the Poodle. They might have a tad more energy than the Bernese Mountain Dog, but they’re incredible family dogs due to their extreme loyalty. They are, of course, one of the most popular dogs of all time.

The Golden Mountain Doodle is the result of breeding a Goldendoodle and a Bernedoodle together. Genetically speaking, they have most of their parent breed’s best traits while many of the worst are bred out. They, like many relative Doodle breeds, are intelligent and loyal.

Health Issues of Golden Mountain Doodles

Health is a little hard to predict for several reasons. The Golden Mountain Doodle is a relatively new breed. They were only introduced in 2013. However, much can be assumed from the medical issues found in their parent breeds.

The most common health ailments found in Golden Mountain Doodles are hip and elbow dysplasia. While this is, generally speaking, predominantly found in standard Doodles, it can also be present in mini Doodles.

What is hip dysplasia? The American Kennel Club (AKC) defines it as: “In dogs with hip dysplasia, the ball and socket do not fit or develop properly, and they rub and grind instead of sliding smoothly. This results in deterioration over time and an eventual loss of function of the joint itself.”

How can we prevent it? Nutrition can play a big part. Making sure that your pup stays lean and mean and avoids obesity will go a long way. Let your puppy be a puppy.

There can be a certain diet set up by your vet to slow down the growth of the Golden Mountain Doodle and keep them smaller for longer. A joint supplement called glucosamine mixed with chondroitin will also assist in the reduction of hip dysplasia, according to the AKC.

Exercise is also vitally important. Too much or too little can both be issues. About 30 minutes a day should keep them from getting bored and prevent them from becoming obese. While Bernese Mountain dogs are herding animals and love to run, both Golden Retrievers and Poodles love getting wet. Golden Mountain Doodles are at home on the land and in the water.

Skin problems such as hot spots affect your Doodles too. We’ve all seen our pups nipping or scratching their own skin. There is a litany of reasons for these abrasive spots. Whether it be stress, dermatitis, a parasitic attack or something similar, your vet can outline the specific solution for your dog.

Grooming can be expensive. We all know that. But it will definitely help your Doodle’s health in the long run. At home, you can brush your puppy's hair daily. This keeps it untangled and free of mats. Cleaning its ears will prevent ear infections that are common in so many species of dogs. Keeping the nails clipped will keep them from hurting themselves and others. Don’t forget those bimonthly baths!

Golden Mountain Doodle Eye Health

Doodles can also have a number of different eye issues. Eye infections are prevalent in dogs in general. Glaucoma and cataracts can be issues. Dry eye might develop, preventing your Doodle dog from producing tears and lubricating their eyes. Special eye drops will solve this issue.

On the more severe side of things, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) could rear its ugly head. This unfortunate disease occurs as the rods and then the cones in a dog's eyes slowly deteriorate. But, with a reputable breeder like ourselves, this isn’t an issue as it’s an inherited disease.

There is a silver lining. Due to the way that Golden Mountain Doodles are bred, they are healthier than their parent breeds.

The Golden Mountain Doodle Lifespan

While this too can be hard to predict due to the young nature of the breed, Poodles have a longer lifespan. Bernese Mountain dogs have depressingly short ones. Just like health issues, a dog's life is improved through being crossbred.

A lot can be assumed from their lineage. Using this information, the Golden Mountain Doodle will have a lifespan of about an average of 10 to 13 years. With few to no health issues, they should be expected to live about 15 to 16 years. Mini Golden Mountain Doodles are also expected to outlive their larger standard kin.

No matter what, every year with them will be special.

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Jenna and the JLDD Team

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