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Is the Most Desirable Bernedoodle the Tri-Color Version?

We watch fads come and go. Does anybody still have their Beanie Babies? Funko Pops have now taken their place at the top of the heap of the cultural zeitgeist. Certainly, there are other, more worthwhile endeavors to spend your time and attention on.

When it comes to the Bernedoodle, there are a few different colors that appear to be the most popular. However, the tri-color Bernedoodle seems to be the one that many dog owners are searching for. What is it about this particular color that makes it so desirable?

Let’s take a peek at the history and some of the benefits of owning a Bernedoodle. Your new insight should then help you decide if the Berne with the most coveted coat is the perfect pet for you.

About Bernedoodles

The Bernedoodle is a fairly new breed that has only been around since the early 2000s. The Bernedoodle is a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. They are affectionate, loyal, and intelligent dogs that make great family pets.

They get along with most other types of animals that cohabitate in your home as long as they’ve been properly socialized.

The smallest is the Tiny/Toy which stands about 18 inches tall and weighs as little as 25 pounds. Then you have the Mini which is an average of about 20 inches tall and about 35 pounds. Next up is the Medium-sized Bernedoodle.

This little baby is an average of 22-23 inches tall, weighing about 60 pounds. Finally, the largest, the Standard, can be as tall as 29 inches and weigh about 90 pounds.

Bernedoodles are rapidly growing in popularity due to their wonderful temperament and unique looks. As such, they come in a variety of colors and have different dispositions. Most of these personality traits will blend into the majority of families.

There is no one answer to the question of "what is the most desirable Bernedoodle," as each dog is unique. However, the tri-color Bernedoodle is often considered the most wanted due to its striking appearance.

But, let’s not forget about the black and white Bernedoodles, the merle or the pure black (which is one of the rarest colors!).

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The History of the Tri-Color Bernedoodle

Before we can really jump into the extensive popularity of the Tri-Color Bernedoodle, it’s important to look at where the Bernedoodles come from.

The Poodle, often by nature, is a solid color dog. From simple black and white to gradients of sable and apricot. There are even Parti-colored and patterned Poodle pups. These multicolored Poodles were once culled from being bred.

As the need for a wider range of Poodle coats has come into fashion, these color combinations are more common.

The Bernese Mountain Dog has also been bred for a specific coat of colors. All purebreds have a solid jet black coat with markings that are white with tan or rust.

The genetic makeup of the parents will dictate the most likely outcome of their brood. Generally speaking, a tri-color Bernedoodle is most likely of an F1 generation. This means that it's 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle.

They can, on occasion, be an F1b. Their genetic makeup is 75% Poodle with the remaining 25% being Bernese Mountain Dog.

Why the Tri-Color Bernedoodle is the Most Popular

The tri-color Bernedoodle is the most popular type of Bernedoodle due to the precision breeding that they take to produce. They are loved as much for their unique colors and markings as they are for their wonderful temperaments.

Sure, your Bernedoodles are loyal, affectionate, and intelligent. But isn’t it better if they’re absolutely adorable while being themselves?

These tri-colored Bernedoodles have a lot in common with their Bernese Mountain dog parent breed in coloring. It’s about the allotment of colors. These tri-coloreds can have different mixes of phantom, merle and sable.

The sable tri-color has sable as its base color with accents of others, such as white, black, brown or cream. The merle tri-color has some mix of three colors with one of those either being a blue merle or a gray merle.

Black, rust and white in concert are what you’ll get with a phantom tri-color Bernedoodle. While the darker colors will cover most of the dog’s coat, the light colors, especially white, will be on full display on their chest and snout.

While all Bernedoodles are different, each is beautiful in its own unique way. While you have a tri-color Bernedoodle, walking down the street and meeting another owner will show you how different they can look from one another.

The tri-color Bernedoodle is a handsome dog with a combination of beautiful fur. They are always in high demand and are commonly referred to as "the perfect pup."

Are There Any Disadvantages to Owning a Tri-Color Bernedoodle?

This is like asking, “Which is your favorite child?” It’s really a matter of opinion. Yes, Bernedoodles are often described as the perfect family dog because of their loving personality and low-maintenance coat. But, while appearance isn’t everything, to some, it’s something.

Another thing to be aware of is the G locus or the “Progressive Graying” gene. Poodles have this genetic anomaly. What this means is that Poodles, like horses and other animals with this gene, will gray or fade with age.

Since all Doodles are partly Poodles, this more than likely will affect most Doodles. It’s strictly related to the shade of their coat and doesn’t affect their health in any way.

Some people might say that the tri-color Bernedoodle is not as desirable as some of the other more unique colors. For example, the merle or phantom Bernedoodle has a much more interesting coat pattern.

Ultimately, it's up to the individual owner to decide which color they think is most appealing. We think it’s more about your dog's personality and how much puppy power they possess rather than how they look.

With its three colors, black, white, and brown, it is sure to turn heads. Beauty has been and always will be in the eye of the beholder. We’ll admit that we love Bernedoodles in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Whichever you choose, just know that if you're looking for a great family pet, the tri-color Bernedoodle is definitely the dog for you!

Want to know more about the Bernedoodle or any other Doodle dog? Reach out to us with any questions you may have, even those that are frequently asked. Between our exclusive Matchmaking System and our spectacular newborns, we’re happy to help make your house a home.

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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