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What Do Puppies Want for Christmas? ->18 Holiday Gift Ideas

While the little ones love to rip open Christmas wrapping paper and let the confetti fly around, snowing down onto the floor… What about the tiniest tots that prance and bop around on four legs? What would be on a puppy’s Christmas gift list?

We’ve broken things out into a few different categories so that we can help you get an idea of what you might be looking for and find the perfect holiday for your puppy.

Adding to your puppy’s wardrobe

Let’s talk fashion for the poshest of pups.

Pet Soft & Comfy Bowtie Dog Collar - Want your pup dressed to the nines? Check out this matching bow tie and collar set. It comes in seven different colors and/or styles for any occasion.

Buffalo Plaid Sweater - Stay warm while being cool in this Buffalo check sweater. If your dog is ready for the first walk of the day, it has a built-in opening for the leash to fit right in. And it’s machine washable - what more can you ask for?

Christian Cowan X Maxbone Jumper - Your bougie baby needs something frou-frou? A feathery sweater might be the perfect pick for those pet owners who can’t afford a luxury top for their dog but love the look. Whether walking the red carpet or making a drop-by appearance at a holiday party, this designer piece will have all the dogs in the room turning green with envy.

Educational and other dog toys

Teach your children well, they say. But what about your dog? Let’s look at a few educational toys.

TRIXIE Activity Poker Box Dog Toy - An interactive toy with a twist. Your dog will need to use its wits in order to uncover the treats that you’ve hidden with this or several other versions available. Requiring “patience and concentration,” this is the perfect toy for pups that might be on the mischievous side.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball - Keep your canine mentally stimulated and reinforced with treat after treat. As your dog rolls around and plays with the ball, it provides them with whatever their favorite snack is.

The more they play, the more exercise they get. As the manufacturer states: “This dog treat dispensing ball is designed to limit the amount of treats your dog gets while encouraging more extended playtime.”

iDig Digging Toy by iFetch - Not all of us are blessed with a huge backyard ready for an onslaught of doggie digging for hours on end. Look no further than the iDig. Hide treats or toys within its flaps and have your precious pal dig to their heart’s content trying to uncover whatever you’ve chosen to surprise them with. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Literally.

OMG! SURPRISE™ Sparklin' Sweetie Egg Unicorn 2-in-1 Dog Toy - Plush, Squeaker - Does your dog like tearing up stuffed animals? Well, look no further than this little creation. The larger stuffed animal is packed with a smaller squeaky toy so that if they rip apart the larger one, the smaller toy will still be ready to beep and boop.

If unicorns aren’t for you or your unique canine, they have several iterations like an elephant with a peanut inside or a pig packed with a bacon strip.

Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training - We’re all looking for a way to feed our dogs all the kibble without having them beg for bits and bits. Enter the Puzzle Feeder. While your dog unlocks the secrets that this toy has to offer, it teaches your dog self-control and allows them to engage mentally with their new toy while encouraging them to eat slower.

Treats as a tasty puppy Christmas present

From sweet to savory, how about we discuss treats for your four-legged foodie.

Wufers Christmas Cookie Box - Festive cookies in bright red and green for the season, baked and delivered fresh to your doggie’s door.·

Lumps of Coal - A bag of edible “coal” for those dogs that have been nothing but deliciously dreadful this year.

Personalized Advent Calendar - We know dogs are smart. But they can’t read. They will, however, know that every day leading up to Christmas will be another day in a truly mouthwatering month.

Frosty Treat - It’s cold outside, but your furry friend will be a holly, jolly soul, hurrying on its way before this frosty treat melts away!

Holiday comfort gifts

You know how irritable you are after a bad night’s sleep. Why not make sure that you save your puppy from the same torturous nights with the creature comfort beddings below.

Boissonneault Felt Pet Cave Lucy Hooded/Dome - Maybe your dog needs a roof over their head underneath the roof you already provide. You might consider a dome or cone. They’ll be happy not to have to wear the latter.

Cotton Canvas Brown Watermill Dog Bed - We’re not going to lie. Some smaller dogs have a Napoleon complex. Why not let them sleep like a king with this tower of power?

Slipper-Shaped Pet Bed - Instead of chewing on your slippers, have them sleep in one of their very own.

Just for giggles

Some gifts defy a true explanation or are just too good not to have their own category.

FOUFIT Paci-Chew Dog Chew Toy - Maybe you’re curious what your dog would look like as Tom Selleck. Or what Tom Selleck would look like as a dog. Whatever the combination, this dog chew toy will answer any and all combinations of the above and could possibly scar you in the process.

Bowlingual Dog Voice Translator - This device claims to listen to your dog and translates their barks and howls into actual text. Does it work? We have our doubts. But until we actually have the collar that Doug wore in UP, this is the closest thing.

Pet Toy Boxes - At the end of the day, we need a clean home so we don’t go crazy. You wouldn’t let your kids leave their Micro Machines on the stairs or their Legos in the laundry room.

Your dog shouldn’t be any different. Get them a place to store their toys when they’re done playing. There are several options and sizes available on Amazon.

We hope you find the perfect Christmas gift for your puppy

Thanks for reading out ideas to reward your four-legged friend and surprise them with a gift under the tree. Remember that the most important thing this Christmas is your family (including your furry buddy).

They’ll love everything you’re able to get them. But, any time you can provide a multitude of educational opportunities or entertainment, the better. Stay healthy and have a Happy Howlidays!

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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zeshan tahir
zeshan tahir
Dec 18, 2021

How can I let my puppy spend Christmas?

Can I have a puppy for Christmas?

Therefore, if you want a dog and are ready to fulfill your promises, you can be sure of raising a dog during Christmas. Just make sure that you have thoroughly planned it and are prepared for large-scale lifestyle changes. Of course, this is the cost. It takes time and money to raise a dog, but the rewards provided far exceed the price you pay.

How do you give a puppy at Christmas?

You might think of a puppy with a bow under a Christmas tree, but there are better ways to give someone a pet. Wrap belts, toys, or stuffed animals as a "gift", and…

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