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What is a Puppy Starter Kit from a Breeder? Find out Here

For every experience in this life, there is a "Day One." It’s how much you prepare for those expected firsts that can make all the difference. The same is true when you bring a newborn puppy home.

learn about puppy starter kits

You’ll need the right materials to make the transition as safe and healthy as possible. When it comes to your dog, you’ll need what’s called a puppy starter kit.

Let’s review what you’re getting into with a breeder and what you should prepare for as far as your kit is concerned.

What to Expect From a Dog Breeder

A breeder is a person who raises animals for mating and ensures their well-being. Your puppy's breeder is obligated to provide them with the foundational elements and everything else it needs to grow happy and healthy.

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We - and others like us - take care of the demands of one particular breed of dog as professional puppy breeders. Breeders are in charge of locating and choosing the ideal partner for their young pups. In order to determine this, they watch the dogs in their environment, note any breeding activity, and then check the dogs' health records to see if there is a connection.

Most importantly, what you should expect is a partner. You're seeking a relationship with people that will last for ten, twelve, or fourteen years—possibly longer. They can become almost as close as a member of your family.

Some breeders will allow you to tour the premises. Others will allow you to virtually tour their place of business. If they won’t do either, being skeptical of their business is probably not a terrible idea.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Keep in mind that a trustworthy breeder will be delighted to respond to all of your inquiries. If they ever pause, you should question their motivations. Responsible breeders value your interest and questions because they want to provide you and your family with the greatest potential companion.

But, keep in mind that they'll also be asking questions of you. To make sure you'd be a decent parent for one of their puppies, a professional breeder will also want to talk to you about your residence and way of life.

It's best to consider all factors before letting your new favorite little furry face cloud your judgment.

What's the Purpose of a Puppy Starter Kit from a Breeder?

When bringing a new puppy home, a starter kit is a necessary package that you must purchase. It ought to have everything you need for the first several weeks. Puppy purchasers may assist their new companion get off to the best possible start by sending newborns to their forever residences with a "New Puppy Kit" that contains a variety of practical dog goods.

To facilitate the transition from one owner to the next, puppy kits are essentially goodie packs for new dog owners. Because they provide pups and their owners with a hopeful start, these puppy packages are often known as beginning kits.

Even if the purchaser has previously purchased a puppy, a well-assembled bundle will guarantee that the purchaser has both the necessary supplies and some crucial information to get through the dog's initial days with you.

Regardless of whether this is a dog owner's first puppy or not, it's always a good idea to get a puppy starting pack with the new companion as it will help everyone become familiar with the puppy, their routine, typical care, and comfort level. The necessities for this puppy will enable them to begin as if they were at home.

What’s Included in a Puppy Starter Kit?

We should start by saying that puppy to puppy and breeder to breeder these kits will vary dramatically.

Breeders often only provide the starter kit to purchasers who have never owned a dog before. The reasoning for this is that in order to properly care for their new pet, these individuals will need some basic equipment to begin with.

A new puppy needs a few items at home, much like a newborn baby: a bed, a collar and leash, food and water dishes, toys, and grooming supplies. The puppy beginning package comes with everything you need to help your dog feel at home and contains goods from the leading names in the pet business.

The same standard components are included in other puppy kits, including bedding, a blanket, a little bag of dry food, some changing mats, and a bundle of dog toys. Puppy kits, however, may include a range of unusual goods that the company believes its customers would find beneficial. Show dog breeders could provide show leashes, whereas farm dog breeders might include farm-related supplies.

Some breeders offer a puppy information kit, which, when supplied to the customer, is a unique package customized for the puppy. Breeders can also include pamphlets with advice for first-time owners and product samples, in addition to the pertinent documentation that must accompany the contract, such as health certificates, references, and essential connections.

Whatever they include, if a breeder doesn’t have any input into the needs of the puppies that they’re alleged experts on, buyer beware.

What Do We Send Home With Our Puppies?

We know Doodles, we absolutely do. We’ve boiled down years of experience to the absolute necessities of what you’ll need on day one with your canine companion.

Our list of what we believe you need on your new Doodle shopping list is as follows:

  • Quality Puppy Food

  • Crate to fit the adult size of dog (with dividers)

  • Smaller crate for puppyhood

  • Adjustable collar

  • 6-foot leash

  • Training treats

  • Cleaning solution with odor eliminator

  • Teething toys

  • Food & Water Bowls

What we specifically send home with you is as follows:

  • 2-Year Health Guarantee

  • Sample of NuVet Vitamins

  • Comfort monogram towelette with the litter's scent

  • First set of dewormers and vaccinations

  • 1 free month of Trupanion Pet Insurance (register within 24 hours)

It's best to know upfront what you and your breeder are getting into together. From any health guarantees to all contracts that you’ll need to sign, know who you’re getting into business with and what they’re providing.

While you’re getting your four-legged friend up on their feet, the best puppy starter kit you can arrange will get you both started on the right foot! (Or paw…)

Are you ready to bring home a puppy to go along with your puppy starter kit? Look no further than JennaLee Designer Doodles! We’re ready to answer any questions you have, whether they be general or specific. We’ll walk you through the adoption process step by step. We can even have your pup trained before they’re carted directly to your door.

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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