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Working with a Puppy Concierge vs. a Breeder

With an endless number of venues to enlist, we want to ensure your humble abode is teeming with the love and fluff of a four-legged family member. Let’s discuss and contrast two: the puppy concierge versus a breeder.

Here's a quick definition of the two: A puppy concierge service can help you match with the dog breed that best fits your lifestyle. A puppy concierge walks the client through everything they need to know about what could be the next steps in their lives.

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Generally speaking, a breeder has expertise regarding one specific breed or a set of common breeds that are raised and then sold to or adopted by a family looking for that specific breed. While this may sound like a narrow definition for the latter, many times this will be married with insight that lovers of dogs, in general, don’t have in their arsenal.

Both a breeder and a concierge are helping the potential family or owner find their puppy’s forever home. They also can answer questions based on the lifestyle, personalities, and needs of both the person and pup.

How, you might ask? Either the concierge or puppy matchmaker will start the process with a questionnaire. They’ll use several findings and data points to best decide on how to advise you on what you’re looking for and ascertain the timeline for achieving those goals.

You could be unsure of how to approach bringing home a dog or what kind of dog you’re looking for. There are many quick quizzes that you can take online that very well could point you in the right direction. As an example, check out this one from the American Kennel Association.

There are plenty of fly-by-night operations in both categories that are simply trying to make a buck off of the desperation of a person simply looking for a little affection from a canine companion. Make sure that, whomever you decide to assist in this delicate time in your life, they have either great reviews from a broad base or verifiable credentials. Don’t be bilked by a puppy mill or someone out to steal your hard-earned cash. Do your research! And ask questions. Any company worth their salt will be ecstatic to answer any and all that might pop up.

All in all, the biggest difference between a concierge service and a breeder is that a concierge could be trying to upsell their services. A breeder is simply trying to do one thing: marry a puppy with a great home.

If you have chosen to home a doodle, then consider our fantastic services. Our team here has decades of combined experience and education and is motivated to make sure that the new paw-rent and fur baby are completely set up for success.

We love what we do and are ready to answer any questions that come up at any point. Why not fill out an application and get the ball rolling. To us, there’s no greater pleasure than placing one of our spectacular dogs in the perfect home and emBARKing on that journey together.

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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