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“How Do I Find the Perfect Puppy?” Avoid These 5 Mistakes

There’s a moment when you look into a puppy’s eyes and know… this is the perfect one for you. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s moments like these – the first moments with your new dog – that speak volumes. The hardest part of the journey is deciding upon the best course of action to get to that point.

Finding the perfect puppy is definitely a task. There are so many variables and an equal number of misconceptions on what you should be looking for in a puppy. Let’s talk about some of the largest mistakes that new dog owners make.

How Do I Find the Perfect Puppy

Mistake Number 1: Falling for the cutest face

In the maternity ward, if you were to sit and stare through the window at all the brand new babies and then take the one with the cutest face, people would look at you strangely. And you’d be arrested. The same should apply to puppies.

The one that belongs to you is the one you’re going to bond with.

While a pouty, drooly, or panting pup is cute (and probably charming) there’s more to the overall equation. It’s what’s behind the wide-eyed precious stare that makes all the difference. You want to get to know the dog on a personal level, how they’ll interact with your family whatever you do, get to know the dog behind the smile before you decide to bring them home.

Mistake Number 2: Not considering exercise and outdoor needs

Exercise is important to us all. But it’s especially important to our four-legged friends. Whether it’s yoga or sports or just hitting the gym, we humans have options as to how and when we do get our physical activities for the day. Your dog’s exercise is largely at your behest.

If you’re at work and the pup is crated, then it will have to wait until you get home to prance around the yard or be walked through the streets. Also, with most dogs, this is the only time during the day they have to do their bathroom business.

This is their time to take care of their personal needs as well as burn off any extra energy before settling into the next part of their day. That means less destroyed furniture, fewer behavioral outbursts, or potty accidents, thus leading to an overall far happier home.

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Mistake Number 3: The needs of the needy puppy

Different breeds of dogs have different needs overall. Without question, almost every dog breed will take up a lot of time and attention as puppies. There are several different reasons which include training, the pup's amount of energy, and behavioral issues.

For the most part, these are all tied together. If you take the time to train your puppy correctly and set up the proper exercise regimen for them, they’ll respect you and your space, thus resolving the issues with their behavior.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rules listed above. Certain breeds require more time and patience to train due to their lack of attention span. There are others that, if left to their own devices and not given the proper amount of exercise, will almost certainly get into trouble.

It goes without saying that certain dog breeds and even certain sizes within those breeds are genetically earmarked with an abundance or lack of energy.

Believe it or not, these crazy canines are a lot like humans in that they have their own individual and wonderful personalities.

Mistake Number 4: Gender

Your house comes equipped with a man cave or she-shed. Because of this, you think you need a puppy wrapped up in a pretty pink bow or a blue bonnet that signifies its gender. The truth is, whether the puppy is a boy or girl really doesn’t matter.

From health problems to training difficulties, from size to mood, if there’s not another dog in your home, gender shouldn’t be a consideration when you’re moving in a puppy. Most of the ideas behind what comes with a male and a female dog are simply old wives tales and have been disproven by veterinary science.

Have more questions about why a different gender than you expected shouldn’t be a non-starter? Click over here for a deeper dive.

Mistake Number 5: A lack of breeder input

Unfortunately, there are dishonest people out there. There’s no avoiding it. But we here at JLDD have made doodle breeding our life’s work. We don’t let just anyone take home a dog.

On July 1st, 2021, we introduced the JLDD Exclusive Puppy Matchmaking Process to the world. This was so we could work with each family and engineer the best relationship with their new fluffy friend. The system will walk you through the application process all the way down to the final details of becoming a paw-rent.

In addition to the JLDD Matchmaking Process, we also offer a world-class Puppy Training Preschool. You could enroll your doodle in our 4-week program that solidifies basic building blocks. You could also think about the 8-week advanced program.

Or in order to take all of the guesswork out of your newest dog, the 12-week, fully trained designer doodle option could be the best choice for you.

It’s this type of breeder input that we provide so that you’re set up for success on day one. Whatever your choice of breed, make sure that whoever is setting you up with your dog, they have an intelligent and hands-on approach to building your family.

Maybe you still have questions about finding the perfect puppy?

We’ve written about this specific topic quite a bit recently. And that’s for good reason. It’s something that we’re passionate about. The first step after deciding that you want a dog is deciding which dog fits your lifestyle and personality the best.

That’s where the internet comes in handy. Click here to take a short seventeen-question quiz from Pedigree to find out which breed might be best for you.

Let our puppy matchmaking experts help you!

Speaking of answering questions… Why not fill out a puppy application and get the ball rolling! Okay, okay. Maybe you’re not ready to make that kind of decision just yet.

To give you a bit of insight into our process, let’s discuss the Matchmaking Process we mentioned earlier. We spend time with each of our puppies every day so that we learn about who they are. And the application from earlier?

We take that information along with a phone/online interview and draw a line from that to the personalities of our puppies. Over time, we’ll carefully connect the dots and decide on which pup goes with which person / family. Think of it as emotional science. Next thing you know, our dogs become yours!

Wherever you are in the process, let us help you avoid all the common mistakes that come with bringing a dog into your family and home. Check out our FAQ page and review our blogs. So many of the questions you have today will be answered by those two parts of our site alone and help you avoid many other mistakes folks make when trying to choose the right pup.

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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