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Should You Give a Puppy as a Christmas Gift? What to Consider

Picture this. Your family rushes downstairs to find the biggest box they’ve ever seen. They don’t hesitate to destroy the package in mere seconds. Inside is a crate that shifts and emanates with sound. What could be inside?

Why, it’s a brand new puppy, a red bow attached to the smallest collar anyone's ever seen! The kids go wild as they now have the bestest friend they’ve ever known.

But should you have gotten this little fluffy puff as a present? Not to burst your bubble, but the answer could be no.

The road to getting that amazing puppy under the tree should be one with many considerations. Let’s review what those specific reservations should include.

Interested in adding a new puppy to your family?

A puppy could be a good Christmas present if your kids are responsible enough

Who are you giving this forever friend to? It’s an important question. Your child might want a dog & begs for one daily. But are they ready for that kind of responsibility? And if they aren’t, are you ready to jump in and take over the care and daily needs of your new puppy pal?

Puppies are loving and adorable creatures, but they are an expense in time and money. They need to be trained and molded to fit your lifestyle. They need to be walked and potty trained. They have to be fed several times a day… not unlike your children. Make sure that whomever you’re sharing this time in their lives with is ready to accept the exciting but, at times, tedious responsibilities of dog ownership.

Is this a good idea for you AND the puppy?

Parents think it’s the cutest idea to give an animal as a present. There’s always been a glut of bunnies, baby chicks and ducks at Easter time.

The look on your children’s faces is priceless. The excitement and newness of the situation can make that holiday one for the books. The same goes with a puppy at Christmas. The real question is how long will the bloom stay on the rose?

Was this decision made by you with input from the rest of the family? Or was this an impetuous decision? How responsible is the primary person who’s the main caregiver for the new dog? Will they walk, feed and train them with the necessary dedication that their brand new best friend deserves?

Make sure that whoever is the recipient of the Christmas canine is ready and willing to adopt them (and all responsibilities tied to them) as their very own.

Our litters:

Mini goldendoodles

Standard goldendoodles


It’s never too late to change your mind about getting a puppy as a Christmas gift

Have you told your kids that they’ll absolutely be getting a dog that Christmas? It could be possible that they’ve convinced themselves that if they don’t get a dog, then they’ll melt down. Never forget: kids are adaptable. They might not understand at the moment, but you want what’s best for them long term.

The same goes for the new pup. Don’t force a bond on two younglings that aren’t ready to interact in the mature way of teaching each other the love and respect that we all deserve.

A dog isn’t a set of training wheels any more than your child is a chew toy. Dogs can live for anywhere from ten to fifteen years. If your child skips from the bassoon one week to ballet the next and finally karate just days later, maybe a dog isn’t the right commitment for them.

When the time is right, it’ll make itself known to you so that you’re building a lifelong friendship that will resonate for decades.

In short, should you gift a puppy after all?

Yes! But with a caveat. The most important thing to remember? Planning is key.

You might consider giving a fluffy friend for the holidays, but this shouldn’t be a last-minute, knee-jerk decision.

You can find breeders online who don’t care about anything more than the almighty dollar. There're some out there with short waitlists. But are you doing what’s best for you and your family? This means everyone-- the current members and possible future members.

If you don’t plan ahead and ready yourself and your home for a new puppy, you might be setting them and yourselves up for failure. We would absolutely hate that.

Here're some pointers to ponder in order to pick the perfect time to get a puppy for Christmas.

  • Research to find out which pup might be the best fit for everyone in your home.

  • Find the perfect breed for your exercise and work schedules.

  • Know the process for training your new canine.

There’s a lot of research to delve through, but once you do (and you’re as ready as you’re ever going to be), you’ll find that this decision comes with tons of love, cuddles and kisses.

Santa can deliver. Just make sure that you give him enough time to check his nice and naughty lists.

While this year may be a little late to add a furry friend of the puppy kind to your household, it’s never too late to share the love that bursts forth from the walls of your home.

Still have questions about whether a dog is the right decision for you and your family?

Let us help! We have a fantastic and thorough FAQ section that should address the ins and outs of who we are, what we do and how we can best help expand your family by one… one with big eyes and ears and lots of fur. Maybe you’ve already made the decision and you’re ready to get the ball rolling?

Fill out an application and we’ll work with you and for you tirelessly. Just like a parent loves to see their kids smile at the idea of a puppy, we love to make your life a better place with a new dog.

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