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What is the Best Type of Puppy to Get? It's Complicated

We’ll be honest, this is a very broad question. There are so many considerations when you want to adopt or shelter any animal. Cats don’t need you. They just tolerate you. A lot of the time, they won’t even tolerate your dishes being in one piece on the counter.

But there’s something special about a dog. Your dog needs you & they love you. They want to play and frolic as soon as they get done eating or using the restroom.

When choosing the best type of puppy to get, one of the first things you have to do is decide which breed and size fit your current living situation.

Where does one even start with this gigantic undertaking? Let’s make this as simple as we can and break up this multi-layered question into three digestible categories. Under each specific bullet point, we’ll outline a few dogs that will suit you best.

Interested in adding a new puppy to your family?

Some puppies need more space than others

From the mountains to the beaches, from the city to the country, each of us has a different makeup when we look out our windows. The same goes for whats inside our homes as well. This is one of the three biggest considerations when choosing a dog.

Why would you spend so much time and money on a phenomenal canine only to not have enough space for a Bullmastiff in your 300 square foot studio apartment?

We’ll get through this together!

Smaller Habitats

Bichon Frise

If you’re looking for a pup that won’t take up a huge amount of real estate in your home, only your heart, then look no further than the Bichon Frise. This literal furball gets along well with others and most family pets. But make sure you have the time for lots of walking and playtime.

Others You Should Consider

These tinier pups include pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and French Bulldogs

Medium-Sized Dogs


If you’ve got a little more space for your dog to roam, why not look into the bulldog family? While they can be a bit stubborn, their sweet and easy-going nature will make you love them just as much on days when training is a struggle.

Others You Should Consider

The Australian Shepherd, the Bull Terrier and the poodle will fit the bill and not take up the entire couch.

Large Houses and Beyond

Great Dane

Sure, this breed looks like small kids could ride them around the yard. And the truth is, the Great Dane is so relaxed and easy-going they might let them. They’re great family dogs & you won’t have an issue training them either – as long as you’re consistent and don’t let them rule the roost.

Others You Should Consider

If you’ve got the square footage, we recommend looking into Greyhounds, Bernese Mountain dogs or an Irish Wolfhound.

Puppy Energy

There are some people that have a deep love of the great outdoors. Whether hiking through the mountains or swimming in the sea, the life of an active person is far different than someone warming the bench. Then there are some that only find solace in creature comforts. Fortunately there are dogs that match each of these inspired lifestyle choices.

High Energy

Border Collie

Not for the faint of heart, literally, you’ll have to be ready to go for a walk – or run – with your Border Collie. One of the most energetic breeds out there, this whip-smart dog can cause a ruckus if their highly tuned intellect isn’t constantly occupied. This tends to be the case with all dogs originally bred for herding.

Others You Should Consider

If you have the fire in your soul and the miles in your feet, think about bringing home a Weimaraner, a Dalmatian or a Russell Terrier.

Moderate Liveliness


If your day is split between time in the office and evenings on the trail, a dog you might not have considered is a Corgi. Don’t let the short legs fool you, they’re also a herding breed. It’s the same historical trait that causes them to bark… constantly. Look on the bright side: You can pretend you’re the Queen of England.

Others You Should Consider

Pomeranians, Whippets and Harriers will help keep you in shape but won’t kill your legs.

Little Bit of Zeal

Chow Chow

Chow Chow - it’s fun to say. These dogs are easy to keep up with. Toys and lounging time are far more important to them than going for a run or romping around with the fam. Yet their same laissez-faire attitude toward life makes them painfully difficult to train.

Others You Should Consider

Don’t want to run about? Look at Shih Tzus, Saint Bernards or Newfoundlands.

Evaluate puppy attitudes before choosing one

Exercise isn’t everything. You want to employ the mind as well as the body. Certain dogs are going to need you to play a game or two throughout the day. This keeps them mentally active and prevents them from getting into trouble.

Dogs For Lazy Days

Basset Hound

If training and interacting with your dog isn’t the first thing you think about when you walk in the door, Basset Hounds won’t mind. They’ve probably been napping all day anyway. Just watch that waistline because they are prone to being obese. They do have one of the best noses in the dog world.

Other Puppies You Should Consider

Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and Vizslas are all dogs that won’t take up too much of your bandwidth.

Middling Attention Needed

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie will need time in your day and on your calendar, but they won’t ruin your day. Their adorable faces will be appreciated while they pounce with all members of the family.

Others You Should Consider

This is a tricky one as most dogs are either low or high maintenance. But contemplate Carolina dogs and American English Coonhounds.

Some Puppies Require Constant Stimulation

Siberian Husky

Pay attention or your Siberian Husky could escape from your home or backyard. Their intelligence crossed with their energy create a dog that will need your focus. Be prepared to dedicate time to this howling hoot of a dog.

Others You Should Consider

Irish Setters, Australian Cattle dogs or the feared Akita will need the requisite attentiveness.


So we went past the three main promised points and we’re on to a fourth. We’ll call it three and a half.

Dogs will shed. All of them, actually. This can’t be prevented. But it’s not the hair that causes a person’s allergies to act up. It’s actually the intermingled dead skin cells of dander.

Those doggies without a dearth of dander include the Bichon Frise, the Maltese, and, of course, poodles. If you’re really adventurous and would love a dog that vaguely resembles Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers movies, try an American Hairless Terrier.

Those with severe allergies to dogs should avoid ones that drool and have dry skin – Doberman Pinschers, Saint Bernards and Boxers.

Are doodles also among the best types of puppies?

We’ll cut to the chase. No matter what your situation above is, there’s a doodle for you!

If you’re limited in how much living space you have, a Mini Goldendoodle could be in your future. But if you have the backyard and want a huge dog, why not bring home a Standard Golden Mountain Doodle?

You love to exercise? Consider a Bordoodle because they’ll keep up with you step for step with their effervescent vitality.

Doodles aren’t synonymous with a lazy or low drive. There are a few different doodle breeds that skew more low-key. If that describes you, a Newfypoo or a Pyredoodle would best suit your relaxed family dynamic.

All doodles are created equal in cuteness and cuddliness but they do differ in how much attention each will require. If left to their own devices, dogs can get into trouble. Who doesn’t want to love up on and entertain their best friend?

Each type of doodle will require some level of daily social interaction but even these vary from doodle to doodle. Breeds like the Aussiedoodle will get bored and cause havoc if not regularly engaged. Bernedoodles will still require attention but can also sleep for good portions of the day.

Remember when we mentioned poodles and allergies? As poodles are a parent breed to doodles, all are, on some level, hypoallergenic. They won’t be the first dog to set you off on a coughing and sneezing fit.

Let us help you choose the best type of puppy

You now have a good idea regarding what type of dog will fit you and your family. You could have more questions and if so, you’re in luck. We have a fantastic FAQ section on our site that’ll address everything about JLDD and our amazing doodles.

Let us assist you in getting started. Our application process is thorough but easy. Step by step, we’ll walk this road with you until you’ve welcomed the newest member of your family into your home. Our Exclusive Puppy Matchmaking Process keeps both you and your new puppy’s needs in mind so that you can live a long and happy life together.

Whatever puppy you choose, you’re on your way to creating a bond of love and mutual respect that’ll last a lifetime.

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