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When Do Breeders Let You Pick Your Puppy?

Dog breeders have many years of experience raising puppies and know what is best for each individual dog. Also, any good lover of dogs doesn’t want you to get scammed.

But should you be able to dip your head into any place with a litter of pups, pick one and take them home? We’re not so sure. Let’s review why and when you should let a breeder pick your pup for you!

First, Carefully Choose Your Breeder

How can you tell whether a breeder is trustworthy and prioritizes the care and health of their dogs? How can you avoid working with puppy breeders that don't care about raising the standard of your breed?

Some who sell puppies use sophisticated marketing techniques, making it difficult to distinguish between them and an actual breeder. But these are questions that still need to be asked and answered.

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The number and caliber of canine supplies or equipment on the premises are telltale signs of a trustworthy breeder. This doesn't imply a blanket in the corner and a bag of dog food weighing ten pounds. Quality litter beds, puppy enclosures, crates, and grooming tables are purchases made by breeders who are dedicated to improving the breed.

They only purchase the best dog food for their pups and some might even prepare the food themselves.

Some Red flags from dog breeders may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Scammers urging you to take action right now, like paying full price before even seeing photos of the dog

  • Details in pup’s descriptions and images that aren’t accurate. Pay close attention to this.

  • Lack of references or online reviews from other buyers. Records that aren’t able to be found.

  • If something simply feels “wrong” when comparing this breeder to other breeders, walk away

A trustworthy breeder wants to ensure that their puppy is placed in good families that are likely to give them a wonderful home that will last them a lifetime. They prefer someone who will conduct due diligence and ensure that their pet is a suitable match.

Puppy Selection is an Important Part of the Breeding Process

There are undoubtedly many families looking for puppies at the moment, but generally speaking, breeders prefer to work with families who comprehend the process. They want people who are prepared to wait for their ideal puppy, have the time to educate themselves, and are aware of the age and breed of the puppy in advance.

Puppies can move into new homes as early as 8 weeks of age, but it may be best to wait until they are 12 weeks old, when their development and socialization will be more advanced. Those extra few weeks may really make a difference. Puppies can learn a lot over just a few weeks of independent play and exploration, preparing them for their new home.

Early socialization of pups with their littermates and other dogs is crucial for their development. It may not be a good idea to remove them too soon. The ideal developmental age for pups to start rigorous training and family integration is between 8 and 10 weeks old.

Breeders should be able to respond to inquiries regarding the dog's future size, temperament, exercise demands, genetic health concerns, specific requirements, etc. Since the majority of conscientious breeders only deal with one or two breeds of dogs, they ought to be well-versed in that particular breed.

Why Let a Breeder Choose Your Puppy?

Many ethical breeders won't let you choose the dog. You can specify the gender and color you desire, but ultimately they should pick the puppy that most closely fits your lifestyle and home.

Learn more about puppy matchmaking:

Many breeders will advise you that puppy personality and energy level is more essential than color, and that hue is not what you should be searching for. Are you seeking a calm family friend or a powerful, high-energy pooch? Perhaps you love weekend treks during the day and quick nighttime drives?

It's important to think about your lifestyle and how you'll organically acclimatize your dog to it so that it complements rather than interferes with it.

Although pups' personalities start to emerge at 5 to 6 weeks old, they are not ready to leave and be with their forever family until they are 8 to 12 weeks old. The finest breeders will get intimately familiar with these personalities. They'll treat you and your family in the same way. Your breeder should pair you with the ideal puppy based on all of this information and your personal preferences.

Breeders also look for any potential hereditary diseases that might influence the breed. A female dog may give birth to several pups, so to lower the possibility of health issues being passed on to descendants, they are thoroughly examined and given a health checkup.

Contact Us at JLDD to Learn More

Don’t forget! Doodles are what we do! We have carefully crafted our exclusive Puppy Matchmaking System. But what does this mean?

Every day, we spend time alone with the pups to observe the subtleties of their distinctive characters and make sure they are adopted by the ideal family. The pups' personalities have developed to the point where we feel confident pairing them with the family we think will be the best fit for them by the time they are 6-7 weeks old.

To let you know which teensy bunch of fur will be yours, we'll email or contact you! Although we understand that waiting is difficult, it will be in your best interest.

Selecting a breeder you have confidence in is the first step in selecting a puppy. We cannot stress this enough. Some individuals breed because they really want to produce the best canines possible. Some people breed as a means to supplement their income. Move on if your breeder doesn't care about the welfare of their puppies.

If it is the right time for a Doodle to meander into your hearts and your homes, start an application today! Until then, check back here for all the Doodle news that’s fit to print!

Jenna and the JLDD Team

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This is very strange. An article about picking a good breeder and a good puppy but then it's from someone breeding mutts for money. Talk about a hypocrite.

Jenna Stone
Jenna Stone
May 22, 2023
Replying to

Hey there! Sorry you feel that way about doodles being 'mutts'. This is just our process, and is just intended to help people shopping for a puppy, be it purebred or not with the adoption process. We have bought many purebred dogs, and are well educated on the topic. Thanks for your input!

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